Claim the crown and stop the Rot — Armello will be available on the Switch this month

Get ready to Embrace your inner bear, rabbit, wolf, rat, or bandit when the strategic digital board game Armello comes to the Nintendo Switch on September 27th. Created by League of Geeks, Armello features single and multiplayer game play, more than 20 characters with unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, a variety of victory conditions, procedurally-generated maps, dynamic questlines, unlockable items, and collectibles. Combining the RPG genre with traditional tabletop gaming, Armello brings the worlds of cards and dice alive in new and magical ways.

“For over three years now, Armello has taken the experience of playing board games with a table full of friends and brought that to life in a virtual space. Not only does Armello play brilliantly on the Switch, whether docked or on the go, but players new and old will inherit years of content, updates, and improvements when Armello launches on Nintendo Switch.” – Trent Kusters, co-founder and director, League of Geeks

Armello is currently available on a number of platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation 4. You can learn more at the official Armello website, or check out our review of the console release here.

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