Candela Obscura Nexus companion app launches alongside rulebook on Nov 14th

Today Demiplane, the digital home for tabletop roleplaying games, announced an exciting partnership with Critical Role’s Darrington Press to create and host the official digital companion for the Illuminated Worlds-powered roleplaying game Candela Obscura, launching alongside the physical release of the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook on November 14.

As part of the partnership, Demiplane will launch a dedicated section for Candela Obscura on the platform, hosting both the Quickstart Guide and Core Rulebook. The Quickstart Guide material will be freely accessible in the Nexus, allowing players to create select characters and attributes, interactively explore the compendium with tooltips, delve into the game mechanics, and more. The full Candela Obscura experience features interactive character sheets, an intuitive creation process, easily accessible overviews of specialities, characters, creatures, game rules and more – the full gambit of the game system as well as the lore, which will be available to purchase for $29.99 USD on the platform.

“Our aim with every new game system added to Demiplane is to ensure it’s inviting for both newcomers and seasoned gamers, focusing on the sheer joy of play,” said Demiplane Co-founder Peter Romenesko. “Working alongside the talented team at Darrington Press has been a dream and we’ve been able to tailor our digital companion to offer smooth entry points like an intuitive step-by-step character creation and a user-friendly game rules compendium. We believe packaging these elements, combined with the Candela Obscura’s deep lore, creatures, artifacts, and more in the players’ hands allows us to enhance the immersion of the Candela Obscura experience whether it happens online or at the table.”

Within the secret society Candela Obscura, individuals of varied talents work as a team—known as a circle—to investigate strange occurrences and dangerous magick, fighting back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. As the digital companion to the Candela Obscure Core Rulebook, Demiplane’s dedicated Nexus features everything you need to start a thrilling and terrifying game session, including:

  • The core rules to play and create your Candela Obscura investigators and their circles
  • An overview of the turn of the century-inspired setting of the Fairelands and the city of Newfaire
  • A look at what lies beneath Newfaire, the ancient ruins known as Oldfaire
  • Pre-made sample sessions for gamemasters to learn from and expand upon into their own playthroughs
  • Immersive, in-world ephemera and notes, illustrations, sketches, research notes, correspondences, advertisements, maps, and more to bring the Fairelands to life
  • Digital dice mechanics, and so much more!

Candela Obscura is the latest title to be added to Demiplane’s ever expanding platform, alongside Pathfinder, Avatar Legends, Vampire the Masquerade, Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game and more.

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