Calling all Space Monkeys — Ubisoft announces ambitious HITRECORD collaboration

Following a flashy new trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft announced one of the most ambitious fan collaboration projects ever in a video game. Partnering with HITRECORD, a production company founder by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ubisoft is essentially crowdsourcing art to be featured in their upcoming game.

Ubisoft has been working with a group of fans called the Space Monkey Program to solicit feedback for its upcoming game, and that program will be expanded to create content that actually gets put into Beyond Good & Evil 2. Specifically, Ubisoft says it’s looking for “visual assets and music.” HITRECORD’s project page lists open projects for “space pirate radio songs,” “anti-establishment art,” and “geoglyph puzzles,” among others. Users can upload original content to the HITRECORD platform or remix work submitted by others. Ubisoft says the program will run until at least the end of this year, though individual projects will have their own timelines. Anyone whose work makes it into the final game will be both credited and paid.

All this is in service of creating a more believable, culturally diverse vision of the future, according to the partnership trailer posted above. More details can be found on Ubisoft and HITRECORD‘s websites.


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