Call of Duty’s newest addition to their anti-cheat “RICOCHET” is now live in multiplayer

Cheating in Call of Duty continues to be a battle for the developers, but new tech from TeamRICOCHET is aiming to help combat via Splat. Now live in both Warzone and Multiplayer, Splat causes death by gravity for those it recognizes are cheating. You can see it in action from their latest YouTube video and find more information from their latest update down below:

Last week, #TeamRICOCHET – the anti-cheat group for Call of Duty – revealed new tech to protect Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone, including advancements in Machine Learning.

Part of that announcement was a mitigation technique called Splat, where verified Warzone cheaters would have their parachute’s clipped, sending them careening to the ground.

Response to Splat has been so strong that, today, we’re happy to share the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team has now enabled the protection in Modern Warfare III multiplayer. In MP, Splat will increase the player’s falling velocity, causing even small jumps to become devastating falls.

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