Call of Duty’s Endowment Warrior Pack offers players a way to support U.S. and U.K. veterans

With Call of Duty launching a plethora of operator, blueprint, and camo packs every season, one specific pack stands out as the Endowment Warrior Pack benefitting Call of Duty Endowment. For those unfamiliar, Call of Duty Endowment is the partner program dedicated to helping and supporting military veterans in need. By purchasing the pack, you’ll receive the “Koa King” Operator, 2 weapon blueprints alongside a few other cosmetic items, with proceeds going to the Endowment program. Call of Duty posted an additional blog with bonus intel here.


Meet the Real-Life Operator Behind “Koa King”

Call Sign: Warrior

Operator Skin Name: Koa King

Real Name: Benjamin F.

Ethnicity: Samoan

Nationality: American (born in a territory of the U.S. — American Samoa)

The eldest of eight, Benjamin F. was born in American Samoa, surrounded by water in the “Cradle of Polynesia,” where he learned to hunt, swim, endure the elements, and thrive. At a young age, it fell on him to provide for his siblings and protect them. It was a responsibility he accepted with courage and that yielded accountability, selflessness, and self-discipline — skills that would serve him well throughout his career as a United States Navy SEAL.

At age 10, the change of being uprooted from his island home and relocated to the Midwest provided him the opportunity to diversify, grow, and develop. His family moved a dozen times before he finished high school, forcing him to continually adapt and evolve. His performance as an athlete became social currency, his life thus far appearing tailor-made for the Teams. But the adversity of BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) is something no amount of living can prepare one for, and a severe injury cut his experience short the first time through. With perseverance, he recovered, trained, reentered the program in a new class, and graduated.

Over his 16 years of service, he deployed to Europe, Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. One of his specialties was reconnaissance, where he honed his instincts and experience to ensure the safety of his fellow SEALs before they arrived on-target. During his career, he received two Bronze Stars, both with Valor; the Purple Heart; the Navy Commendation Medal; and the Navy Achievement Medal. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer.

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