Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone’s Season 3 reloads on May 25th, brings new map, weapons, and modes

This may not be the longest season in the world, but it’s also been a bit light on content unless you love big lizards and monkeys. This week, that changes, as the mid-season update hits both Vanguard and Warzone, bringing with it a plethora of new things. Not only are there new maps, weapons, and modes, but Warzone is adding an underground fast travel system, an interesting upgrade and hopefully something that will keep you safe during traversal, assuming no one is waiting for you at your destination. Some really intriguing stuff can also be found in the intel we’ve unearthed at the Call Of Duty blog, so check that below and get to work soldier!

Classified Arms Reloading WarzoneVanguard with New Features

The storm may have passed over Caldera, but there is still a front to fight before this season is over.

Classified Arms Reloaded, a series of updates that will continue the third season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, will bring brand-new features, modes, and Bundles due to the combined efforts of Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Beenox, and Toys for Bob. This mid-season update will be live in both games following a May 24 update in Vanguard at 10 AM PT, and a Warzone update at 9 AM PT May 25.

From advancing across Caldera in underground mine tunnels to unearthing the secrets of the new Multiplayer map Sphere, this content drop is ready to bring you more frenetic action and new ways to play Warzone and Vanguard.

Remember: this is only a small sampling of the key changes coming to both games. Season Three Reloaded will feature numerous quality of life updates, including a new Squad heads-up-display for Warzone, that are set to be highlighted in Patch Notes coming out alongside these updates.

Stay tuned for these notes from both Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games, which will detail dozens of these additional changes, bug fixes, and more.

Warzone: Navigating Caldera’s New Mine Cart Underground Transit System

Remember that rumbling and creaking beneath Caldera’s surface before Season Three’s launch? Those were the rickety mine carts being rediscovered by intrepid explorers, who were busy opening a new way to get around the island!

Developed by Toys for Bob, this new Underground Transit System features 14 access points, indicated on the Tac Map and minimap by a silver “vault door” symbol.

Keen surveyors of Caldera during Season Two already know where seven of these access points are, as they are the “hidden” Nebula 5 bunkers. The door to the mine-cart hub room can be found right after dropping into each bunker.

The other seven access points are small hatches into the mine-cart hub area. Here, you can find a map of the system, with each hub location corresponding to a letter and number on your Tac Map.

To travel via mine cart to another hub area, simply interact with the circular hatch and walk toward the cart. When doing so, the destination name will appear on your screen — you can also check the map to see how it interacts. After a few seconds of travel time, you’ll instantly appear at your destination . . . Hopefully with no enemies waiting on the other side.

Those in the know — like you, after reading this section — can use light and audio clues to figure out if an enemy is on the other side, or if the circle collapse will soon engulf the destination. As with most situations, when there is a green light, it means it’s safe. Anything else can mean potential danger, and if the indicator is off with gas going through the vents, then that means you cannot travel to that destination.

Mastering this system may be key to the new meta after this update, so learn it and its not-so-secret indicators well.

Serpentine — The Vanguard Perk Arrives in Warzone

Scenario: you are in a dead sprint across the map when suddenly, a sniper from 300 yards out starts taking pot shots. Somehow, one connects to your head, and you’re out of the game.

Serpentine, the new Perk arriving from Vanguard, hopes to remedy this without completely leaving marksmen out to dry.

Available in the Perk 1 slot for all players after the update, Serpentine’s description is as follows:

“Sprinting reduces incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 20%.”

Will it be an “auto-pick”? Not necessarily — consider some of the other options in the Blue Perk 1 slot: currently, Double Time (which boosts Tactical Sprint) and Cold Blooded (which directly counters Combat Scout) are two extremely popular choices in the current meta. Then there is Quick Fix, which shaves seconds off health-regeneration time, which the most elite players tend to gravitate toward. And we didn’t even talk about E.O.D., a great Perk for those who despise dying to explosives.

As for the shooter a “snake” indicator will pop up after hitting someone who has Serpentine. This clear feedback allows you to send a quick follow-up shot — potentially with a Sniper Support weapon, if they are close enough — and gives enough information to start an engagement with a still-massive advantage.

New Items in Warzone — Gulag Entry, Redeploy Extraction and More 

In addition to new Perk Satchels, which will now appear on Rebirth Island along with Caldera, Warzone will add three new items to its loot pool in Battle Royale modes: the Gulag Entry Token, Redeploy Extraction Token, and Speed Boost.  There will also be a new Field Upgrade – the Radar Jammer – to be added in all modes’ item pool.

Gulag Entry Token

The Hold’s owners love to see good fights, apparently, as they are putting special Gulag Entry Tokens in Supply Boxes for Battle Royale matches.

Developed by Raven, this token brandishes the infamous post-death symbol and binds to your Operator on pickup. Only one can be carried at a time, and if one is picked up or kept after the Gulag is closed, you’ll receive Cash compensation for holding one.

If you perish while holding a Gulag Entry Token, you will be sent back to the Gulag rather than needing to be bought back or be eliminated from the game. Then it’s like your first death all over again: fight in a 1v1 duel to survive and redeploy.

Redeploy Extraction Token

The other token – also developed by Raven – is something that Warzone veterans may be familiar with — a token that grants an automatic redeploy without any need to visit the Gulag or to be bought back at a Buy Station.

Just like the Gulag Entry Token, this one also deactivates once the Hold shuts down late in a match, and players who hold on to it for that long receive a Cash prize as compensation.

Its usefulness is obvious, but its presence is rare. Do not expect to find these as often as Gulag Entry Tokens, which will already be of Legendary rarity.

Speed Boost

This buff, often found in Warzone’sClash mode, is another rare item that could appear in a Supply Box.

Once it is picked up, it will automatically grant the Operator a temporary movement buff. Sliding while having this boost grants a quick way around the map, and it allows for a ton of potential movement techniques, such as parkour lines and jumps, which can help before or during engagements.

Like the Redeploy Extraction Token, the Speed Boost will not be a common item in Supply Boxes. And once picked up, its effectiveness will be for an extremely limited time. Make the most of this boost, and it will generously reward you and the squad.

Radar Jammer

Similar to how this tool works in Call of Duty® Multiplayer, the Radar Jammer is a Field Upgrade that scrambles the TacMap of enemy players and prevents Killstreaks for anyone within a short radius.

This Field Upgrade cannot be equipped for modes such as Plunder, but can be found around the map in Supply Boxes or on the ground in rare cases.

As an area denial tool, the Jammer can be a great mid-to-late game item like the P.D.S. which can change how a squad approaches their final battles. However, just like other upgrades, the Jammer can be hacked by an Operator using the Engineer perk, so be mindful of where you place this effective device!

High Value, High Stakes — New High Value Loot Zones in Warzone

First introduced during Operation Monarch, High Value Loot Zones will now appear in standard Battle Royale games as high-risk, high-reward places to drop or travel to.

Check your Tac Map or minimap to see where these areas are and decide whether to set a course for fortune and frequent fighting.

We know Peak will be Peak and every new point of interest will draw attention, but with this system, there are more options for a squad to build their Loadout by scavenging for items. Just like any high-traffic point of interest, the whole squad should be ready to battle other teams looking to collect more rare items than in a normal area.

Champion of Caldera — A New Warzone Limited-Time Mode

This year could arguably be a strong one for Warzone solo players, with Rebirth Resurgence Solos being a fast-paced variant of the traditional Battle Royale free-for-all, and Caldera Clash being an awesome place to level up weapons.

With Classified Arms Reloaded, Solo players will get another high-intensity limited-time mode and – as the name suggests – fight to become the Champion of Caldera.

Launching on the first day of Classified Arms Reloaded, Champion of Caldera features 150 maximum players and a single, continuously closing circle in a Battle Royale-style fight for survival.

All Operators will drop in with their Custom Loadout, a Gas Mask, and a single Redeploy Extraction Token. The item pool is slightly altered to emphasize equipment not normally found in Loadouts and Epic- to Legendary-rarity weapons. Collect Cash to visit an upgraded Buy Station, which features the Advanced UAV, Explosive Bow, and even the Specialist Bonus for a hefty fee.

Most notably: kills in this game mode immediate refill player health, equipment, and ammo, incentivizing would-be Champions to play aggressively and eliminate the competition directly to have the best chance at victory.

Rebirth Island Updates: Occupation Scans Active, [[REDACTED]] Protocols to Begin

Beenox presents the next phase of Rebirth Island, continuing the narrative that our Operators – you, those who helped build it up through Rebirth Island Reinforced – helped us craft since its launch back in 2021.

Occupation Scan In-Game Event

Unbeknownst to us, upgrading the island to include radar towers gave the powers-that-be the ability to scan for hostile forces.

At some point during standard Rebirth Resurgence matches, Operators may be alerted of an Occupation Scan. At this point, they will need to go prone or else their position will be revealed to every other player on the Tac Map and minimap.

Although this effect lasts for only a short period of time, and ends early if the Operator perishes, the Occupation Scan should keep everyone even more alert on an island from which they may need to escape . . .



Operators – as noted during our assignment briefing, our goals in the Aral Sea were to reinforce the stronghold known to civilians as Rebirth Island.

As you know, our orders were to construct weapon lockers for boots-on-the-ground defenses, install radar towers for early threat detection, clear the DZ for armored vehicles, and unlock the “golden bunkers” kept sealed for several decades.

Given those parameters, our 60-day assignment could be considered a success. However, we are now aware that at least some of these upgrades to our defenses have been compromised.

On [[REDACTED]], Agents [[REDACTED NAMES]] informed us of hostile forces hacking into radar towers to perform occupation scans. Information on these scans have now been declassified after we confirmed leaks to civilian media, to be embargoed for release on May 23 at 1000 Hours in the interest of public safety.

Although there are no physical threats detected, we are led to believe that mercenary forces, currently stationed at [[REDACTED]] may be contracted shortly to attack our Alliance on Rebirth Island.

We must move ahead of them and deliver a coordinated first strike at their base before they our tactical position in the Aral Sea is lost – standby for details on extraction protocols and new assignments.

New Vanguard Multiplayer Map — Sphere 

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, Classified Arms Reloaded will bring Sphere, a new small Multiplayer map featuring an underground weapons lab hidden beneath the façade of a coal mine.

On the top floor, battle in the dusty environs of a mock coal mining village, featuring wooden buildings, crates, and natural formations that will make you feel like a veritable gunslinger in the Old West.

Head underground and you’ll be greeted by the Mine, Concrete Tunnels, Workshop, and the central Lab, where Operators can flood in from all sides.

Operators who best navigate the various ins and outs between the upper and lower environments are likely to gain the upper hand in combat, no matter the mode.

Kim Tae Young Completes Task Force Harpy

The masked fighter and folk hero Kim Tae Young is deploying just in time to link up with her squadmates Mateo and Florence, complete with her own 20-level Operator XP progression that leads to several Operator Skin unlocks and other rewards.

Trained by her mother as a fighter, Tae Young donned a mask to conceal her identity while helping families cross the North Korean border to safety. She soon earned a reputation among the Korean people as a local folk hero and keeper of justice. Even the briefest glimpse of her Dokkaebi mask instills hope in her people and fear in her enemies.

Her preferred weapon is the new H4 Blixen – use it while playing as Kim Tae Young to gain bonus Operator XP and Weapon XP for this weapon.

Unlock Kim Tae Young by purchasing her Bundle, scheduled to go live in Season Three Reloaded.

H4 Blixen

H4 Blixen SMG

Favored by Special Operations Forces, this hard-hitting SMG offers mobility and accuracy in medium range engagements.

The Owen Gun is the most notable slower-firing SMG in this weapon category, but in Classified Arms Reloaded, the H4 Blixen will try and make a claim to power.

In Vanguard Multiplayer, the H4 Blixen delivers a reliable three-shot kill at a farther range than the Owen Gun, albeit with a slower rate of fire. It also has three more bullets per standard magazine and slightly better Vertical Recoil Control, Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed, and reload quickness. The recoil pattern can take time to learn — like all weapons in Call of Duty — but knowing the H4 Blixen’s kick can make it more viable in those mid-range engagements, rather than just have it hold its own up close.

Unlock the H4 Blixen by completing its SMG-based challenge – Get 3 Slide Kills in a single match 15 times – or by purchasing a Store Bundle to be released later this season, which features a Weapon Blueprint from this weapon’s family.

Spilled Ink Bundle Highlights Classified Arms Reloaded Store Offerings

Whether your Operator wants new ink or Mastercrafts, the Bundles in Classified Arms Reloaded have you covered. Here’s a taste of Store Bundles on offer:

Spilled Ink — Curated and Designed by Top Tattoo Artists

Ryan Ashley. Nikko Hurtado. Scott Campbell and the Scab Shop.

These world-renowned tattoo artists create phenomenal body artwork — and have come together to provide three unique Operator Skin pieces for Lucas Riggs through the Spilled Ink Bundle, available later this season.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for your next IRL design; just know that if it isn’t done by these three masters of ink, it won’t be a masterpiece.

This Bundle also contains the new “Tattoo Infection” Assault Rifle and “Tattoo Machine” SMG Weapon Blueprints.

The “Tattoo Machine” SMG is built for fast-paced CQB, with a Recoil Booster and an increased-caliber magazine. On its own, it serves as a strong close-quarters option in both Warzone and Vanguard.

The same could be said for the “Tattoo Infection” Assault Rifle, although it leans more toward solo modes in Warzone and longshots in Vanguard Multiplayer. The .30 Carbine short magazines combined with the Ragdoll Barrel make for a weapon with better damage at range, and the rest of the build is great for staying on target.

Multiple Mastercrafts Inbound

In-theme with Classified Arms, the Reloaded Bundles coming to the store include multiple Mastercrafts of Vanguard weapons.

Look for the Tracer Pack: High Voltage Reactive Mastercraft Bundle to kick off the season, which contains an electrifying Heroic “Stabistor” Sniper Rifle that is sure to send shock waves through your competition.

Also available this season is the Tracer Pack: Dark Aether Mastercraft Bundle, a Zombies-themed pack that should spark some excitement for the first round-based experience in Vanguard, coming soon. Wield the “Dark Jinx” SMG and witness its awesome Dark Aether Tracer powers, effective against both the living and the dead.

At the end of the season, more Mastercrafts will become available, including the Tracer Pack: Tread Lightly Mastercraft Bundle, which features prototype-themed weaponry.

More Bundles, such as an Ultra-rarity Operator Skin and a Pitfall-inspired pack, are soon to be in-Store . . . but we’ll keep those classified and for you, the Operator, to discover when the mid-season update goes live on May 25.

Rise on every front.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Call Of Duty news and info!

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