Call of Duty previews the jam packed Season 4 of Modern Warfare II and Warzone

The upcoming Season of Call of Duty may contain the most content to date with seven new multiplayer maps, a new Warzone map, four new armaments, and much more. Season 4 drops June 14, and a beefy blog post talks about new additions and changes heading our way. For those only interested in the highlights, check down below:


–Welcome to Vondel. This medium-sized map is ready to host Resurgence, DMZ, and the Lockdown LTM at launch, with standard Battle Royale in-Season.

–Over a Half Dozen New Features. Tactical Amphibious Vehicle (TAV) for Vondel, the return of Favorite Supply Boxes, a new Field Upgrade, and more.

–The Sandstorm Continues in Al Mazrah. In addition to Vondel’s introduction, Al Mazrah sees some slight topographical changes during Season 04.

–A New, Full Ranked Season Arrives in Season 04. Ready yourself for a full Ranked Season with more rewards to claim.

–More at Mid-Season, Including Traditional Battle Royale in Vondel, New Vondel Gulag. The action will only get hotter as we look towards a summer Mid-Season Update.

 Modern Warfare II:

–A Six-Pack of New Multiplayer Maps at Launch. Showdown. Kunstenaar (pronounced “khun-steh-nawr”) District. Mercado. Penthouse. Mawizeh Marsh. Ahkdar Village. Plus one more Core MP map planned for mid-season.

–Search & Destroy, Prisoner Rescue to Expand to 12v12 for a Limited Time. Expect the Playlist rotation to include these intense modes with double the number of players on each team.

–A New Ranked Season. Rise and grind; shoot for a new top Division and unlock those cool Ranked Rewards as you prepare for the exciting conclusion to the Call of Duty League season.

Across both titles:

–The Assault on Vondel Begins at Launch. Complete challenges to unlock new items not just for yourself, but also for the entire community, including a new melee weapon: the Tonfa.

–New Weapons. In addition to the Tonfa, ready yourself with the Tempus Razorback Assault Rifle and ISO 45 SMG, both available for free in the Battlepass.

–New Operators, Including Nikto. The masked ex-cover agent returns with a vengeance. Other Operators include a total badass working for SpecGru and .

–Prestige Levels Continue, New Challenges Available. Reach Level 850 to unlock a special Weapon Blueprint.

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