Call of Duty League’s Bounty Matches return in Major IV and Major V

A new blog post unveiled the return of Bounty Matches in the Call of Duty League. Bounty Matches are specific matches chosen before each Major where the winning team will take home $10,000 in addition to CDL Points. Each matchup will be between two teams closely matched in rankings, so one team won’t have an advantage over the other. Check out the schedule for Major IV and V’s bounty matches below:

Bounty Matches will take place the second week of qualifiers for each of the final Majors and every team gets one Bounty Match each of those weeks.

Looking ahead at the upcoming matches between closely ranked teams in the standings, the bounty matches are as follows.

Major IV Week 2 Qualifiers

Friday, April 7

–LDN vs. BOS 12:00 PM

–SEA vs. FLA 1:30 PM

–MIN vs. NY 3:00 PM

Saturday, April 8

–TX vs. NY 3:00 PM

–TOR vs. ATL 4:30 PM PT

Sunday, April 9

–LAG v LV 12:00 PM PT

Major V Week 2 Qualifiers

Friday, May 12

–BOS vs FLA 1:30 PM PT

Saturday, May 13

–ATL vs LDN 12:00 PM PT

–FLA vs. LAT 1:30 PM PT

–LAG vs. NY 4:30 PM PT

Sunday, May 14

–MIN vs. LV 12:00 PM PT

–TX vs. TOR 1:30 PM PT

Tune in to or during all the qualifying matches to watch the best Call of Duty players go head-to-head and fight for money, glory, and a spot at Championship Weekend.

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