Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 3/Day 1 preview — What we think going in

We’re down to our last week before the Minnesota Major, and it feels like nothing is set in stone. So many teams have matches that really count, and a small misstep could mean the loser’s bracket. We also have an interesting battle at the top, a St Patrick’s day miracle as Breach and Optic have identical records and map counts, and there’s no promise of the 1 seed for either of them. But, a lot of Call Of Duty is left to play before those two figure things out, so let’s get into it.

Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra

  • Why Paris Legion will win: They have nowhere to go but up? I mean, literally, they can’t be any worse. They have yet to win an online qualifying match, and their only other win was at Major I to a reeling Seattle Surge in a Game 5. If they can just put together one complete game they can surprise. 
  • Why Toronto Ultra will win: They’ll get back to that overwhelming style. Something’s been off with this team, and a lot of it is they’re playing almost too calculated on maps. I remember seeing them constantly in the opponent’s back driving them insane in Cold War, and they were able to use their incredible communication and teamwork to do it. We’ve not seen that in this title so far, maybe it’s just the game or map design, but if they get back to that they’ll start picking up wins.
  • X-Factor: Hardpoint. Toronto has been abnormally bad in this mode, although it’s not like Paris has been much better. If Paris wants this one they steal one or both of the Hardpoints, because they’ll be much more competitive in the Search and Destroy than people think, even versus a better team in Toronto.
  • Prediction: Toronto Ultra 3-1
"I Plead The 5th" - Attach 🙊 | Comms Check – Major II Week 2

Los Angeles Thieves vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Why Los Angeles Thieves will win: Octane steps up. He’s been off for whatever reason this season. Sure, he’s locking down lanes in the Hardpoints, part of why they’ve been so good, but he’s not been a game changer in S&D. I can’t say we should be surprised, but if he elevates his play this roster becomes a lot better.
  • Why Los Angeles Guerrillas will win: SlasheR keeps it up. Similarly to Octane, SlasheR hasn’t impacted his team performance nearly enough. But, he has stepped it up as of recently, part of why this squad has looked better and has a 2-1 record. If he can keep influencing the map in the way he has (136/115 for a 1.18 KD in the two wins), they can win this one.
  • X-Factor: Gavutu. It sounds silly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this drops in twice. The Control would be where this one swings, because both teams have relatively similar records on the map. On Hardpoint… let’s just say it’s not the advantage it used to be for LAT.
  • Prediction: Los Angeles Thieves 3-1

Atlanta Faze vs Florida Mutineers

  • Why Atlanta Faze will win: They assert their dominance. Atlanta is a team that is at their best when able to play decisively, but when they are able to bully other squads it gets ugly. If Faze punch Florida in the mouth at the start (opening Bocage HP anyone?), they probably handle this one easily.
  • Why Florida Mutineers will win: They get past their demons. Florida looked incredibly good at the start of the Major II qualifiers, then Optic blasted them, even if Optic got a bit lucky. The Mutineers are a tough out, but the teams they beat aren’t the best in the league, proving they still have a little ways to go. This would be a good start, they have to play their way and not let anyone dictate this match but them.
  • X-Factor: Cellium vs Skyz. These are two of the best flexs in the league right now, and whoever one ups the other probably comes away the victor. We also could have put Simp vs Owakening, but where Skyz goes, these Mutineers tend to follow.

Prediction: Atlanta Faze 3-1


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