Call of Duty gives update on new RICOCHET upgrades

War never changes, and cheaters never win. It’s not an easy thing for the biggest game out there to fight cheating, but RICOCHET continues to introduce new measures to counter them. Some of these are working pretty well, with a report out of CharlieIntel that cheating sites were scrambling after the Season 2 Reloaded update. The Call of Duty social team provided some news on what they’re doing in the battle, and you can find it below.

#TeamRICOCHET Update: Our team has seen and share your frustrations about a rise in cheating reports. We remain focused on this fight.

With the launch of Season 2 Reloaded we’ve deployed several aggressive upgrades, including:

• Fixes to combat flying vehicles, with more on the way

• New Mitigation: BOOM – vehicles that shouldn’t be airborne (or too airborne) may randomly explode

• Enhanced protections and increased response times for kernel-level driver (PC)

• Speed optimizations for detections in Ranked Play

• Third-party hardware device detection upgraded

• Over 26,000 bans today

Our team continues development on further updates, in addition to those we launched today.

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