Call of Duty Challengers is finally set to begin — Here are all the details

It’s been hell for amateur Call of Duty players as the scene has waited for news. Thankfully, that wait is finally over with the weekend’s announcement. Challengers is back online, with the kickoff coming January 20th. There will also be LAN events, with two opens nailed down and a possible third on the way in Miami. All of the intel is below.

The 2024 Call of Duty League Challenger Season kicks off on January 20-21 with our first Challenger’s Cup, and players can begin signing up now here.

Below is a quick refresher on all things Challengers and what to expect during the 2024 season.

  • Cups
  • Cups are back for all four regions. These open events are a chance for players to earn prizing and Challenger points during online weekend tournaments. There will be 11 Cups in total throughout the 2024 season and the first Cup of the 2024 Challengers Season will take place from January 20-21. The full schedule is available here.
  • Opens
  • The first Challengers Open of the 2024 season will be hosted by the Boston Breach and will take place from Jan 26-28 at Major I. This event will be seeded by a combination of all 2024 Cup 1 points and 10% of each player’s 2023 Challenger points.
  • An additional Challengers Open will be hosted by Toronto Ultra at Major III.
  • Elite
  • Three Challengers Elite Seasons will take place during the 2024 Challengers Season.
  • Challengers Elite in North America & Europe continues with twelve teams (two groups of 6) with the top eight teams keeping their spot after each season.
  • Challengers Elite Teams will not be allowed to participate in Cups falling upon the first week of their Challengers Elite Season and will be provided points and prizing instead. We want to ensure that teams outside of Elite are still given the opportunity to showcase their talents and earn points & prizing throughout the season.
  • Finals
  • Challengers Finals is the pinnacle of global competitive amateur competition for Call of Duty® Esports, and we want to ensure that all regions are represented fairly.
  • Challengers Finals is continuing with 16 Teams with Hotel & Travel being provided for all competitors.
  • Finals Qualification
  • There will be two methods by which a Challengers team can qualify for the Finals:
  • Regional Leaderboard: 10 Teams (4 NA, 4 EU, 1 APAC, and 1 LATAM)
  •  Last Chance Qualifier: 6 Teams (2 NA, 2 EU, 1 APAC, and 1 LATAM)

A breakdown of all the prizing & Challengers points is available in the rules here.

That’s all for now! Be sure to follow @COD_Esports on Twitter for all the up-to-date information.

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