Call a family meeting, Children of Morta delayed until 2019

Children of Morta, the upcoming action game that lets you play as several members of the same family, has been delayed until 2019 — not too surprising, given that 2018 is on its last breath. An extensive post on the game’s Steam page spells out the reasons for the game’s delay.

I strongly believe in Mr. Miyamoto’s words about delaying a game to make sure it’s brilliant when it releases and nothing less. Also, and I believe this is important from the gaming community’s perspective, we are now developing Children of Morta for all four major platforms and there will be a simultaneous launch on all of them – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In addition to the cross-platform release, Children of Morta will also have more levels than originally planned, complete with mini-bosses. Its story is also being rewritten “with a bolder pen, making the game’s world more strongly tied to the plot.” There is one drawback of the game’s expanded scope: It will no longer be coming to the PS Vita (reportedly due to technical limitations), for those of you still hoping desperately for the platform’s miraculous resurrection.

When our reviewer previewed Children of Morta back in 2016, she praised its constantly changing levels, varied characters, and “spellbinding art.”

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