Calico announced for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

The cat is out of the bag as Whitehorn Games are bringing their adorable sim to PlayStation consoles. Calico tasks players with rebuilding the town’s cat cafe and cooking up some delicious meals. Calico is already available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but this will be the first time for PlayStation users to join in the fun. No release date was given, but we should expect to hear one announced in the upcoming months so stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more coverage!

Key features of Calico include:

–Every Animal is a Friend: You’ll encounter a lot of animals on the island. Befriend them, name them, add them to your party, send them to live at the café, and most importantly, love them forever! Interact with your new friends by dancing, cuddling, petting, carrying, lounging with, and playing with them!

–Bewitching Good Looks: Express yourself through fashion! Create an avatar and customize them with collectable clothing found throughout the game.

–Design, Decorate, Delight: Decorate the interior and exterior of the café to your liking! Collect and arrange furniture and toys for both your human and animal visitors. Cat trees, scratching posts, and dog beds are definite must-haves!

–The Power of Magic: The world of Calico has no limits! With the potion system, there are so many ways to live out your magical dreams. Want to make your feline friend ginormous? The Big Small potion has you covered!

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