Build friendships and villages as The Hollow heads to Xbox One and PC this July

The Molasses Flood recently announced that its action co-op game The Hollow will be available for Xbox One and PC via Steam on July 17. The game will allow players to build a village together as they protect the mysterious Drakes from evil forces.

Drake Hollow is a cooperative action village-building game set in The Hollow – a blighted mirror of our world – in which players build and defend villages of Drakes, the lovable, local vegetable folk. Either solo or with friends, players follow the guidance of a mysterious crow to explore a dynamically generated and aether-swept world of islands all to help the Drakes restore their camp.

Mysteries and rewards — and danger — await those curious enough to search every nook and cranny of The Hollow. As they explore the wilderness and set up valuable supply routes to bring essentials back to camp, players will rescue and protect a variety of Drakes from a menagerie of feral beasts to earn unique skills and player enhancing buffs. The village must be well-stocked and well-defended if the Drakes are to survive, and unraveling the peculiar and ancient connection between The Hollow and our world will be key to finding a way back home.

“I’m proud of the hard work and determination our team put into Drake Hollow,” said Forrest Dowling, CEO and Design Lead at The Molasses Flood. “We got some fantastic feedback from early testing and we’re excited to invite all players into our mystical, magical take on an alternate-universe New England on July 17th.”

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