Bring your custom miniatures to life in full-color with Hero Forge 2.0, now on Kickstarter

Hero Forge is excited about the launch of their new campaign, Hero Forge 2.0, now on Kickstarter. Now in addition to creating your own custom miniatures, you will be able to decide which color to make each piece to help it really come to life. No longer will you have to worry about painting them, when you can instead print them in color!

Using unparalleled new color customization tools and the newest, cutting-edge 3D printing technology, Hero Forge is excited to bring you full-color custom tabletop miniatures!

Hero Forge 2.0 Color Tools enable you to bring color to your tabletop, no matter how you play. We are eager to support tabletop gamers of all kinds, whether you play in person or online. Here’s how Hero Forge 2.0 Color Tools can help you…

High-detail, vibrant color prints will capture your creativity better than ever before–no art skills required.

Are you a painter?

Use deep “digital paint” tools to plan your color schemes and see them applied to your model in real-time. Experiment with color theory, easily try out different schemes, or work with clients to ensure you have the right design before you even put brush to model.

Are you a virtual tabletop user?

Select backer tiers offer new tools for users who play online as well. Design and export custom “tokens” for use in your favorite virtual tabletop platform. These beautiful, drag-and-drop, 2D graphical representations of your characters will be exportable in several styles, at ready-to-use resolutions and formats.

Back now to get your miniatures in the first round and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.


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