Break the rules to overcome supernatural threats in Out of this World, coming this September

Devir is excited about their upcoming release, Out of this World, which will be coming to your friendly local game stores in late September. Out of this World is a family weight cooperative game where a group of 3-5 players will tackle one of 5 adventures to try defeat the paranormal foes and win the game.

Life is usually pretty boring for teenagers around here. You go to school (sometimes) do your homework, and hopefully hang out with your friends on your favorite bench for a little while before heading home for dinner. Day in and day out.

But something unexpected is shaking up the boundaries of your clear-cut world. Some really weird stuff is going on, but none of the grown-ups seem to be paying attention. Only you and your buddies are up tot he task of saving the world. So, climb onto your bikes and ride out to adventure.

Players must overcome supernatural threats with limited communication (it’s the 90s!) in a specific amount of time. There are 5 double-sided characters to choose from with unique abilities that let them break normal game rules. Take off on one of 5 Adventures, each with different objectives and threats. (OOTW can be played in order 1-5 to complete the storyline.) There are 4 difficulty levels (Easier, Standard, Tough and Epic) – each progressively harder. Players win by fighting off paranormal foes and having a minimum value of items equipped on each player’s character.

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