Blizzard offers players a chance to have their username immortalized in Diablo IV

Today, Blizzard announced a challenge to players for the opportunity to have their name etched into a statue of Lilith. The first 1,000 players to reach level 100 on Hardcore mode who send in screenshots verifying their level will be entered in. Below you can find more info on the Diablo IV challenge:

It’s almost time to return to Sanctuary! To celebrate players taking on the experience in Hardcore Mode in Diablo IV, Blizzard is calling on the first 1,000 players skilled enough to show they’ve reached level 100 on Hardcore Mode for a chance to have their username immortalized into a statue of Lilith. Check out the full rules here.

–The first 1,000 players skilled enough to show they’ve reached level 100 on hardcore mode with #Diablo4Hardcore will have the chance to have their username immortalized into a statue of Lilith.

–Submit proof of victory with a screenshot via Twitter, your BattleNet ID, and the hashtag #Diablo4Hardcore. 

–Begin the challenge early on June 1st. Submissions close on June 4.

–Pre-purchase the Ultimate Edition today to join the fight for glory!

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