Black Ops, BlackOut… BlackCell? New battle pass option drops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0

You, me, and a million others love the new battle pass systems in video games. Sure, they aren’t all perfect, but getting most of the important content for free and being able to purchase a reward system for the time you spend in game is pretty great. We’ve had the battle pass available since Modern Warfare 2019, and recently you’ve had the option to purchase a tier skip option for the equivalent of $25 in COD points. With BlackCell, it’s going up to $30 (although only purchasable with real world currency), but with a whole lot more in tow that you’re getting. Check it all out below, straight from the Call of Duty blog!

BlackCell | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

Step up to a higher class of combat excellence.

BlackCell represents a new premium offering that goes beyond the Battle Pass Bundle in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0, granting exclusive items in addition to expedited Battle Pass progression for $29.99 MSRP (or your regional equivalent).

BlackCell: An Overview

A Battle Pass Bundle and Pro Pack combined with even more items, BlackCell is a premium offering that provides incredible value – over 7,000* COD Points in value – to be used across both games:

Battle Pass BlackCell Sector, Token Tier Skips

The BlackCell Sector offers a unique entry point to the rest of the Battle Pass Map that allows you to unlock higher value items (higher tiered Battle Pass items) more quickly and instantly grants you the BlackCell Operator attired in an imposing animated Camo skin, Pro-Tuned Weapon Blueprint, Vehicle Skin, Finishing Move, and 1,100 CP bonus.

You can also take advantage of the 20 Battle Token Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®) that BlackCell comes with, and immediately unlock one of the two free functional weapons available in the Battle Pass.

You can also unlock more than a dozen other items within the Battle Pass, including COD Points, Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Vehicle Skins by using these Battle Token Tier Skips to move proficiently and rapidly across the AO within the Battle Pass.

The regular Battle Pass will still be available each season for 1,100 COD Points. You can also upgrade to BlackCell at any point and receive those 1,100 COD Point back in addition to all the BlackCell content.

Immediate Item Unlocks, Including New Operator and Weapon Blueprint

BlackCell owners also get a number of immediate unlocks as well as the Battle Pass purchase, including the BlackCell’s very own Operator, known as Atom.

The BlackCell have their own armorer that can handcraft incredible Weapon Blueprints, too. In Season 03’s BlackCell Sector, you can get your hands on the “Singularity” Assault Rifle Pro-Tuned Blueprint, a five-attachment all-around beast of a weapon.

The “Singularity” Pro-Tuned Blueprint, comes with an extended magazine to help deal with multiple hostiles, a reflex optic for a precise sight picture, and a trio of attachments that help keep recoil and aiming stability in check: a brake, an angled grip, and a heavy barrel. All these attachments also come Pro-Tuned, meaning an Operator will have this weapon’s full potential unlocked straight out of the armory.

And when it comes to riding in style, the BlackCell make their mark on any Heavy Tank with a new Vehicle Skin, one of two additional instant unlocks in this Blackcell Sector alongside a new Finishing Move

Special Season 03 Bonus Operator Skins

For Season 03, all BlackCell owners will receive a Bonus series of BlackCell-only Battle Pass items available as exclusive additional unlocks on top of the regular Battle Pass content, within the AO Sectors. These include a dozen additional Operator Skins, all themed around the sleek black-and-gold aesthetic of the new addition to the Operator roster.

The bonus BlackCell Skins for each of the Battle Pass operator skins, including Ghost, Soap, and other favorite Operators across KorTac and SpecGru, unlocked with every Operator Skin unlock in the Battle Pass. For example: if the Battle Pass includes an Operator Skin in Sector C1, then BlackCell owners get BOTH that skin PLUS an exclusive BlackCell Operator Skin, which may or may not be for the same Operator.

1,100 COD Points Bonus

The value does not stop there for those who decide to be a part of BlackCell:

As previously mentioned, in addition to accessing up to 1,400 COD Points through the full Battle Pass, BlackCell includes an instant unlock of 1,100 COD Points within the BlackCell Sector that can be used on any other Bundle in the Store.

Just in Season 03 alone, the 1,100 COD Point Battle Pass, plus 3,000 COD Points’ worth of Battle Token Tier Skips, and 1,100 COD Points in BlackCell sector with the free items immediately on purchase for over 7,000* COD Points in value.

Consider picking up BlackCell when Season 03 launches on April 12 in Modern Warfare® II and WarzoneTM 2.0. For more intel on what this season has to offer outside this new Bundle, check out the full season announcement here.

*BlackCell sector value based on comparable in-game store bundles.

**Update, more bundles available as well!**

Battle Pass Update: Automatic Pathing

In addition to the BlackCell offering, the Battle Pass has an updated and streamlined way to unlock content through the addition of an Automatic Pathing feature.

Those who don’t mind what they earn first and who simply want to rack up hours in-game can choose to automatically have the Battle Pass chart an effective path through the different AO Sectors. Players can also choose to manually earn Battle Token Tier Skips and spend them as they did in prior seasons.

There is still the option to unlock Battle Pass sectors manually, and players can switch between Automatic and Manual pathing at any time during the season, which is great for those who don’t mind what other rewards they earn after they get their favorites.

Purchase the Battle Pass to Unlock Valeria and Alejandro

Though they once served together in the Mexican Special Forces, Valeria Garza and Alejandro Vargas are now adversaries. Valeria rose to become El Sin Nombre, leading the Las Almas Cartel, while Alejandro went on to become an important ally of the legendary Task Force 141.

Players who purchase the Season 03 Battle Pass can unlock the C0 Bonus Sector and gain immediate access to the default Skins for both Operators.

Alejandro: Born and raised in Las Almas, Alejandro spent over a decade as a high-ranking member of Los Fuerzeas Especiales, the Tier 1 Mexican Army Special Mission counterterror unit. His unit, Los Vaqueros, is the only one in the country authorized to work alongside international Special Operations Forces, including those at the CIA headed by station chief Kate Laswell.

Valeria: Valeria is a ruthless and cunning Operator who always remains calm under pressure. Whether she’s interrogating enemies or firing the first shot in a shoot-out, Valeria earns her cartel members’ loyalty every day through her incredible resolve and ability to plan ahead like a true criminal mastermind, all while recruiting more to her ranks with generous donations from the cartel’s coffers.

In addition to unlocking these two Operators, the Bonus Sector also awards the gilded “El Dorado” Weapon Blueprint, plus 150 COD Points and a 10% Battle Pass Boost.

New Weapon HVTs in Sectors C4, C11

Up your long-range game with two new free functional weapons located in the Season 03 area of operations: a new Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle.

FJX Imperium Sniper Rifle — (Sector C4, HVT, Free)

Engineered destruction at its finest, this anti-personnel, bolt-action sniper rifle intervenes in tense situations with hard-hitting .408 rounds.

The FJX Imperium gives that classic Call of Duty® feel as a high-damage, bolt-action Sniper Rifle that’s absolutely deadly in the right hands. It also features a new attachment type for its weapon class with the carry handle, including a tactical and heavy version.

Regardless of how you build out the weapon, it’s quality over quantity with the FJX Imperium: with the lowest fire rate in its class and just five rounds per reload, you’ve got to make those shots count.

Cronen Squall Battle Rifle — (Sector C11, HVT, Free)

A bullpup, semi-automatic rifle chambered in 6.8 Wrath and designed for distance shooting and exceptional damage output.

With the best range and fire rate in its class, the Cronen Squall is a worthy contender across all modes. Among its other Gunsmith attachments, choose from six different ammo types for its powerful 6.8 rounds and up your reserves with two options for extended magazines, including a mighty 50-round drum attachment.

Keep an eye out for a variety of new Weapon Blueprints throughout the Season 03 Battle Pass, including highlights like the “Course Champion” Battle Rifle in Sector 01, the “La Araña” Assault Rifle in Sector 09, the “Dead Center” Sniper Rifle in Sector 17, and the “Viborón” Battle Rifle in Sector 18.

New HVT Operator Skins at Sectors C10, C15, C20

Season 03 comes packed with seven new Operator Skins in addition to the ones available for Valeria and Alejandro. Whether you’re dropping into the new Gunfight maps, Core maps, or Battle maps, these kits will ensure that you’re ready to compete and look good in the process.

“Road Rage” Farah Operator Skin (Sector C10, HVT)

Dressed in faded jeans, a tank top, and goggles stretched over a hooded shawl, Farah returns in her outfit from the Campaign mission “Violence and Timing.” You’ll need both to succeed in the deployments ahead.

“El Santo” Gus Operator Skin (Sector C15, HVT)

Gus ditches the tactical accessories for a flashier look, donning a scorpion-emblazoned red vest, a studded belt, gray slacks, and a holster.

“Nightwar” Ghost Operator Skin (Sector C20, HVT)

Alongside his iconic mask and sleek tactical gear, this Ghost Operator Skin comes equipped with night vision goggles, making him more than ready to deploy to the Black Gold Core Map, the first night map to launch in Multiplayer with Season 03.

Complete the Map for Victory Sector Rewards

Get 100% map completion by conquering all 20 Sectors. This gives you access to the final Victory Sector, which features the following items:

“El Sin Nombre” Valeria Operator Skin

El Sin Nombre — “the Nameless One” — is ready for business, and she’s more than willing to work outside the law. Sporting black leather pants, a gold chain, and face tattoos, this Operator Skin is sure to frighten off all but the most courageous enemies.

“La Espina” Battle Rifle Blueprint

Based on the new Battle Rifle releasing with Season 03, this red, black, and gold Weapon Blueprint fits perfectly in the hands of a cartel leader like El Sin Nombre. It features five attachments, including 6.8 Composite ammunition for improved handling and greater reserve ammo. Like the scorpions inlaid on its surface, this weapon stings.

“Vaquero” Alejandro Operator Skin

No matter the foe, Alejandro is always one step ahead. His military garb and climbing equipment ensure that he’s ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, tackling even the most difficult terrain if it means bringing his target to justice.

“Vaquero 141” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Alejandro’s weapon of choice, the “Vaquero 141” Weapon Blueprint is named and stylized after the elite unit of the Mexican Special Forces led by him. It comes equipped with six attachments and is based on the new Sniper Rifle releasing with Season 03. With a weapon this strong in your hand, the cartels won’t stand a chance.

300 COD Points

Save up for the next Battle Pass or put them toward the purchase of a new Store Bundle.

Remember: If you have BlackCell, both Alejandro and Valeria get an additional Operator Skin at this Tier, and you get an additional 10 additional Operator Skins total, all exclusive to BlackCell, through completing the Battle Pass. More intel on BlackCell can be found here.

Bundle Highlight: Manticore Pro Pack

Become a terror in the night with the new Pro Pack 3: Manticore Bundle, available in Season 03 for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

This pack includes the “Manticore” Operator Skin featuring Gromsko in heavy armor and red-lit goggles. He comes equipped with two Weapon Blueprints: the “Nāga” Assault Rifle and the “Jörmungandr” Handgun.

Additional customization options include a throwback Loading Screen as well as the “Unflinching Ferocity” Sticker, “The Manticore” Weapon Charm, and the “Dark Vision” Emblem.

The Pro Pack 3: Manticore Bundle also comes stocked with 2,400 COD Points to put toward your next Store or Battle Pass purchase.

Bundle Highlight: Classic Ghost Pack

Relive your youth with the Classic Ghost Pack, reimagining the character’s original outfit from 2009. Along with the “Classic Ghost” Operator Skin, the Bundle also features the “Loose Ends” and “Just Like Old Times” Weapon Blueprints.

Show off your love for the iconic character with additional cosmetic items, including the “Boo!” Weapon Charm, the “OG Ghost” Sticker, the “Final Moments” Emblem, and the “Ghosting Everyone” Loading Screen.

Call of Duty League™ Team Packs

The Call of Duty League™ is back with another pack for your favorite team.

To be released later this season, the Call of Duty League Team Packs feature the official meta SMG themed with team-affiliated camouflage, a boonie hat Charm, and five pro player signatures to slap on the weapon of your choosing.

More intel will be available in-season.

Additional Bundle Highlights

Look for additional themed Bundles launching in the Store throughout Season 03.

Tracer Pack: Hopping Mad

Hop to it with the new Tracer Pack: Hopping Mad Bundle, featuring double the fun with both the “Mr. Hops” and “Mr. Hips” Operator Skins.

Take aim with the deadly “Yolked” SMG and “Shellcracker” Handgun Weapon Blueprints and choose to display either the white or pink “Lucky Human’s Foot” Weapon Charm. Round out the holiday charm with the “Mad Hoppin’” Sticker, “Easter Surprise” Emblem, and the “Higher Caliber” Loading Screen.

Tracer Pack: Dark Rituals II

The hooded occultist returns in the new, menacing “Sin: Sinister” Operator Skin, equipped with the “Séance” Assault Rifle and “Rising Demon” SMG Weapon Blueprints. Show off your affiliation to the dark arts with additional occult-themed customization options like the “Watcher’s Eye” Weapon Charm, the “Summoner’s Sigil” Vinyl, the “Rite of Passage” Emblem, and the “Golden Embrace” Loading Screen.

Tracer Pack: Cyber Riot

From the forge to the field of battle, this Operator can do it all. Hammer the competition into shape with “Codex” Operator Skin, featuring the “Neopyric” and the “Riptronic” Weapon Blueprints alongside the “Glowing and Going” Weapon Charm, the “Zakhaev Arms” Vinyl, and the “Lasers On” Loading Screen.

Look for more Bundles throughout Season 03, including Tracer Pack: Dr. KushlovTracer Pack: Anime BoogieInkblot BundleThe Throwback Pack: ’09 Weapon Audio Bundle, and more.

Stay frosty.

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