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If you’re into RTS games, there’s a lot to like this year that’s been announced. Battle Aces is one of the most recent, with a sweet anime style and developer that wants to make these kinds of games more approachable. Today, it was revealed that Battle Aces will have a closed beta session starting in late June, and you can already go to their website to sign up. The info is below, and you can watch our footage from Summer Game Fest as well!

Los Angeles, CA – June 19, 2024 – Uncapped Games today announced that Battle Aces, a new action RTS game for PC that aims to unlock the core fun of RTS games for a wide audience with design that’s truly easy-to-learn (and difficult-to-master) for any player, will target a June 25 start date for a beta test on Steam. Players are free to sign up now at In case you missed it, check out the first ever Battle Aces pro player showmatch, between two champion RTS players, afterMath PartinG and Liquid Clem.

Battle Aces depicts the future of warfare in the 26th century as humanity experiences strife amongst the planets in a desperate struggle for limited space and resources. High-tech drones controlled by mercenary commanders, or Battle Aces, fight explosive, large-scale battles in the front lines of this war.

PartinG vs Clem @ Battle Aces !

Battle Aces immediately sets itself apart from traditional RTS games, by allowing players to choose their army composition and customize their play style through Unit Decks. With over 50 units to choose from at launch and more than 40 to be made available to play in the upcoming beta test, Battle Aces offers an immense variety of potential in-game matchups, and near-limitless strategic potential that begins before a match even starts.

In-game, Battle Aces delivers a combination of design innovations such as automated resource gathering, instant unit-spawning, and preset expansions that keep players focused on the fun of controlling and maneuvering massive armies in battle, even as they manage the moment-to-moment strategic decision making of when to expand to new bases, and when to tech for more powerful units. User interface innovations allow players to quickly swap between unit production and army control on-the-fly, without the need to look at home base or manage production facilities. The combination of design and UI elements makes it easier than ever to build and reinforce armies, and keep attention on managing the intense battles that are concentrated in each of Battle Aces’ 1v1 or 2v2 matches.

With matches limited to 10 minutes, players can easily complete a series of satisfying battles even over a short amount of time, with the ability to swap Unit Decks to adjust strategy and play style in between each match. With the innovative control options available, Battle Aces is a strategy game that MOBA players and strategy game curious players can all enjoy together, including old school genre stalwarts looking for the next frontier of RTS with high skill expression.

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