Bellular Games’ The Pale Beyond out now for the Nintendo Switch

Dawn the role as captain, in a new adventure in the cold and harsh wilderness of The Pale Beyond. Available now on the hybrid console, everyone can take advantage of a 30% discount until 20. In our review, we scored The Pale Beyond 90 out of 100 saying, “The Pale Beyond is a masterclass in tone and atmosphere informing gameplay. As Captain Robin Shaw, you’ll need to make tough decisions constantly, but this stressful journey is well worth seeing through to the end.”

For the first time on Nintendo Switch, explore the harsh frozen wasteland of The Pale Beyond. Take charge in the role of Captain: manage your crew and meager resources in an attempt to balance safety and morale. Every decision you make will meaningfully impact the story and the fate of your crew. Delve deeper into these stories with recently released epilogue content that follows characters after they return home from their dangerous journey – if they return home…

The Pale Beyond will be available at 30% off on Nintendo Switch until October 20, so the time is now for players to begin their voyage!

For more information on The Pale Beyond coming to Nintendo Switch, visit Bellular Studios website or Twitter/X, BellularGaming on YouTube, or Fellow Traveller on Twitter/X and Discord.

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