Become the boss in space, Starship Corporation launching out of early access this May

After spending nearly 2 years in early access, Coronado Games’ spaceship-building game, Starship Corporation, will be officially released on May 3rd. This official launch will include a new campaign mode.

The campaign for Starship Corporation will include 99 contracts and has two endings depending on your business relationships. There will also be a ship database, two new rooms, Russian language support, and faster saving/loading.

Starship Corporation is a starship-building simulation game in which you must design and build spaceships for the hugely demanding galaxy-wide market. It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in first, where to open new shipyards and where to establish new markets.

Even with the campaign mode, Starship Corporation will also include a sandbox mode with access to all known human settlements in the galaxy, 177 unlockable rooms and facility designs, 22 unlockable fuselages, and 24 missions for standard operations, emergencies, and hostile encounters to test your ship in Crew Management.

Starship Corporation will be be officially released out of Steam early access on May 3rd, 2018. For more information, visit the official website.



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