Be like Pikachu and get your party hat on, Pokemon Day celebration now live in Pokemon Go

Today, the Pokemon Go Twitter announced that the popular AR game will be celebrating “Pokemon Day” with a similar fashion to how they celebrate most holidays, by giving Pikachu a new hat.

Starting today, Pikachu can be found in the wild wearing a special party hat, presumably after getting lost from the celebration after a little too much Poke-Punch. This adorable little celebration is running from February 26th to February 28th, so it’s time to get out there before the Pikachu come to terms that the party is over and hand over their hats.

In addition to Pokemon Day, Pokemon Go’s twitter announced the next Pokemon Go Community Day will be held on March 25th, with Bulbasaur being the star of the show.

New events are happening often in Pokemon Go, over a year after its initial release. For more information, check out the official Twitter page.

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