Aye aye! Dreams come true! Curse of the Sea Rats amazing kickstarter releasing in 2021

An adventure traversing over 12 locations on the beautiful and wild coast of Ireland, Curse of the Sea Rats uses hand drawn animation frame by frame to bring an epic ratoidvania. 100% funded in less than 9 hours on kickstarter this game is for story and art lovers alike. 

The year 1777, Army Flagship HMS Barfleur sails back from the Caribbean Islands to Great Britain full of evil pirates and prisoners like you, brought to King George to be judged. Capt. Flora Burn, a fierce pirate-witch, creates a spell using an ancient magical talisman that turns everyone on board into rats. The ship crashes and strands in an unknown location on the Irish coast.Burn kidnaps the Admiral’s son and escapes from the ship with her pirate’s crew running away and transforming nature into evil creatures.The Admiral offers the remaining prisoners to recover their freedom if they rescue his son. You must explore the island and fight frenzied waves of demonic monsters to rescue the Admiral’s son, capture Flora Burn and break the magic spell. Do you dare?

Curse of the Sea Rats will be released in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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