Avian adventure Vane lands on PS4 next week

Vane, a mysterious adventure starring a shape-shifting bird, is set to launch next week on PS4. I wish we could tell you more about it, but developer Friend & Foe has been tight-lipped since it first appeared in 2014. What is clear is that Vane has a striking look and an atmosphere all its own. Even the game’s website offers more cryptic clues than clear statements about how it plays.

Set out on an epic story of transformation, where shifting between the perspectives of a bird and a child will be key to unravel the land’s mysteries and create a path forward through the barren landscape. As you do so, the remnants of the world react to your passage, evolving and building into something altogether different.

Distinctive, gorgeous, and set to an original, brooding synth soundtrack, Vane is an enigmatic and unnerving game that aims to leave an impact. The team at Friend & Foe Games, using experience spanning titles like the Last Guardian and Killzone, made Vane with the conviction that players should find their own path in the world, and and explore just to the point of getting lost – and the result is a unique, unforgettable memory.

While the influence of The Last Guardian shines through in the trailer, it’s clear that Friend & Foe wants to make Vane a game unlike anything we’ve seen before. We’ll see what shape it takes when it releases January 15.

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