ATLUS unveils more info on Persona 5 Tactica’s new Metaverse, Skill Tree, and characters

Persona 5 Tactica is set to launch on November 17th for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. The game focuses on the Phantom Thieves suddenly appearing in a new Metaverse called The Kingdoms under the rule of Marie and her military force. New characters will be debuting alongside the Metaverse, and ATLUS previewed a little of what we can expect to come launch day.


Marie’s Kingdom is ruled by the tyrant Marie (pron. MAH-ree-ay) and her military organization, the Legionnaires. Her crazed obsession with power and control of the citizenry is all part of her master plan—to stage the perfect wedding! 

After striking a deal in which they agree to aid the Rebel Corps, Joker and Morgana set out to rescue their friends, but their search brings them to a jail where they stumble upon a man named Toshiro Kasukabe (pron. TOH-shi-roh KAH-su-kah-bay). 

Toshiro is revealed to be a politician who went missing in the real world, but he claims to have no memory of how he wandered into the Metaverse or why he was imprisoned. Joker and Morgana have their doubts about his story, but decide to wait and see how things go. Not long after, there is an announcement that Marie has found the groom she intends to marry


Erina (VA = Leeanna Albanese) 

A mysterious girl who rescues the Phantom Thieves before they suffer a complete loss in the Metaverse. She has a habit of rushing to the aid of anyone dealing with injustice. Though caution is not her strong suit, her confidence and spunky personality drive her Rebel Corps to give their all. She aims to liberate the land from its oppressive ruler and makes a deal with the Phantom Thieves to this end.

Toshiro (VA= MacLeod Andrews) 

A young, up-and-coming Diet member rumored to be the next prime minister. After becoming lost, then imprisoned in the Metaverse for reasons he can’t recall, he opts to tag along with the Phantom Thieves after being rescued. He is straight-laced and hyperrational, and although he shines as a strategist thanks 

to his political savvy and his ability to view situations objectively, a neurotic fear of fighting and injury will often set him back into a safety-first mindset.


Skill Tree 

Every single party member has their own skill tree, and you get to choose how each character grows and evolves! 

By winning battles to increase the levels of the Phantom Thieves or by listening in on the group’s interesting conversations in Talk events, you can earn GP (Growth Points) that will unlock skills in the skill tree! 

You can reset all the skills you’ve acquired to get back all the GP you’ve used at any time, so feel free to try out different skill combinations as much as you want to customize each character to your exact liking!

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