Atari-Licensed console and handheld devices by My Arcade are now available on

My Arcade has just released a plug-and-play Atari Gamestation Pro, the Atari 50 Micro Player Pro, the Atari 50 Nano Player Pro, and the Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro. The Gamestation features more than 200 officially licensed Atari classics spanning the 2600, 5200, arcade, and 7800 eras. The Micro Player Pro features 100 games, while the Nano Player Pro features 75 classics. Finally, the Pocket Player Pro features a 2.75 inch screen along with 100 built-in Atari titles. All four releases are now available via You can read below for more info on each device:

The Atari-licensed collection of gaming hardware from My Arcade®, including the Gamestation Pro console, is now available on for delivery within the U.S.

The plug-and-play Atari Gamestation Pro ($99.99 USD) includes more than 200 officially-licensed Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Arcade and bonus titles. The Gamestation Pro includes two 2.4GHz wireless joysticks, inspired by the iconic originals with integrated paddles for an authentic experience on paddle games such as Breakout® or Warlords®. Plug-and-play simplicity and wireless connectivity makes diving into retro arcade games on your TV a breeze. Search for games using the intuitive user interface and access game overview pages that provide insights and gameplay tips. In-game save options even allow you to save your progress.

The Atari 50 Micro Player Pro ($39.99 USD) and Atari 50 Nano Player Pro ($29.99 USD) are perfect for arcade enthusiasts. The tabletop miniature arcade machines come preloaded with Atari titles and bonus games (100 total on the Micro Player Pro, 75 total on the Nano Player Pro) and are the ideal addition to any retro collection.

The Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro ($39.99 USD) is a stylish handheld with a 2.75-inch full color screen and 100 built in Atari titles and bonus games.

“Our fanbase has responded strongly to the Atari-themed family of gaming devices from My Arcade, and now they can find all of these amazing devices at” said Ethan Zoubek, President at Atari.

My Arcade produces these devices under a license with Atari. My Arcade has built a reputation in the retro gaming space by creating a line of miniature retro arcade devices, Plug ‘N Play consoles and portable gaming handhelds. For more information please visit:

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