ASTRA: Knights of Veda announces public demo during Steam Next Fest

HYBE IM and developers FLINT are developing a new 2D action RPG that players can try out for themselves starting October 9. With their announcement of joining Steam Next Fest, players can jump into their dark fantasy world before it launches on PC and Mobile later this year.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a visually stunning, story-rich, 2D RPG designed to capture the interest of players around the world. With elements inspired by various games and genres, players can expect an exciting new type of game they have not encountered before. The combination of top-quality story, graphics, sound, and gameplay promises an unforgettable experience.

Game Features:

  • A Dark Fantasy Adventure: Lose yourself in the world of an action-packed RPG that draws inspiration from classic beat ’em ups. Engage in tactical combat, experience a captivating story, enjoy impressive art, and discover well-crafted characters.
  • Dive into an Immersive Universe: This fully voiced-over experience boasts contributions from renowned voice actors, supported by 200 engaging cutscenes and over 1800 unique illustrations.
  • Epic Battles Against Monstrous Foes: Confront gargantuan beasts and relentless undead adversaries through a fully manual, 2D combat system that promises excitement and challenge.
  • Captivating Dark Artistry: Enveloping the game is a dark and haunting art style that creates a unique atmosphere and brings to life a diverse cast of characters and horrifying monsters, making your journey all the more enthralling.
  • Unite or Compete: Form teams with fellow Knights for immersive PvE experiences, or enter the battlefield for real-time PvP clashes. The choice is yours as you explore both cooperative and competitive gameplay.
  • Unearth Treasures and Conquer Nightmares: Face the depths of the Nightmare and test your mettle, or explore the expansive world of Planis to uncover hidden treasures and enhance the capabilities of your Knights of Veda.
  • Empower Your Knights, Save the World: Strengthen your Knights and equip them to stand against the ravages that threaten the world. Your journey holds the key to delivering salvation in times of turmoil.
  • Seamless Adventures: Enjoy cross-progression between PC and mobile platforms, allowing you to continue your heroic adventures wherever you may roam.

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