Ascendant Studios gives us another look at Immortals of Aveum with new gameplay trailer

We got to see some epic new gameplay for Immortals of Aveum, the debut title from Ascendant Studios. This is a first-person magic shooter following the story of Jak (Darren Barnet) and his fellow Immortal Magni in the fight against Sandrakk. The trailer shows us a fight of colossal proportions, literally as we see our hero and his allies atop a 400-foot-tall Colossal, an ancient titanic war machine that’s able to transport an entire battalion of Magni. Geoff Keighley was joined on stage by none other than Darren Barnet himself, with Barnet giving a brief rundown of what to expect.

Immortals of Aveum will be releasing for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S on July 20th, so keep your eyes peeled for our final review. In the meantime, you can check out our thoughts from the hands-on preview here.

Yltheum Ruins Gameplay - Immortals of Aveum preview (PC) [Gaming Trend]

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