Arise, again — Dragon’s Dogma lands on Switch in April

Dragon’s Dogma got a fairly positive reception when it was released in 2012, but it’s held in much higher regard among a small but devoted — some would say obsessive — group of hardcore fans. Its fandom has grown with the help of several re-releases (including the 2013 expansion, Dark Arisen), and the game is set to receive yet another boost when its Switch port launches April 23 for $29.99.

The Switch release looks to be a straight port, shipping with the Dark Arisen expansion but no new content, much like the game’s PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One editions. The game’s official website states that a Nintendo Online subscription won’t be required to take part in its unusual online components, which include an asynchronous multiplayer boss battle and a system for sharing the AI-controlled companions that each player creates for their own game.

Despite releasing the game on six platforms, developer Capcom hasn’t so much as hinted at the possibility of a sequel. The closest we ever got was Dragon’s Dogma Online, a Japan-only MMO. Nonetheless, this latest port will likely reignite the conversation among the game’s long-suffering fans.

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