Apex Legends: Resurrection Battle Pass trailer showcases the new seasonal fashion

The newest update to Respawn’s popular battle royale is now live. Resurrection focuses on Revenant with the killer robot being available to all players this season while sporting new enhancements. Of course, with every new season comes a new battle pass with earnable cosmetics and rewards.

With the all new Resurrection Battle Pass, players can get their hands on a range of Legendary skins and weapons. At Level 24, darkness triumphs with Mad Maggie’s “Outlawed Tech”, and new this season is the Reactive “Heart of the Divine” EVA-8 available at Level 25 (both of which are automatically unlocked with the purchase of the Premium Bundle). Players can discover true horror at Level 50 with Pathfinder’s “Pathogen”. As they creep through the shadows, players will earn new banner frames, emotes, weapon charms, stickers and more.

Apex Legends: Resurrection is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the EA App and Steam. For more news about Apex Legends, check out the game’s official TwitterInstagram and YouTube pages or visit for the latest updates.

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