Animation house BUCK announce their debut game at SGF 2023

BUCK is an award-winning animation house that ventured into new waters with the development of Let’s! Revolution! It’s a puzzle-heavy adventure where players flip tiles across boards to uncover mysteries and take out enemies. They premiered an announcement trailer ending with a July 19th release date for PC.

Let's! Revolution! Release Date Announcement Trailer

In Let’s! Revolution!, players will battle through procedurally generated, board-game-inspired maps with hidden traps and enemies. With enough strategic planning (and some luck), friendly faces, special items, and ability upgrades will reveal themselves on the map and help players along their journey to take down the king before the beautiful world of Beebom is brought to ruin.

In addition to the Ghibli-esque setting lovingly hand-drawn and hand-animated by the teams at BUCK, Let’s! Revolution! also features original music from creative audio studio Antfood. Each of the fantasy provinces in Beebom comes with its own meticulously crafted look and sound. As players adventure through the campaign, they’ll pass through the noble desert of Phlox, the immortal jungles of Cymbidium, and the ethereal floating islands of Saffron – all brought to life by the cozy soundtrack and mesmerizing art. Hailing from across the land, each playable character also boasts unique skills from their homelands that will force you to adopt elegant solutions to new challenges and mechanical constraints as you progress.

Let’s! Revolution! will be coming to PC and Mac via Steam, with Steam Deck compatibility, on July 19, 2023. Wishlist the game now! Check out teasers for the soundtrack on YouTube and chill out to Beebom’s lo-fi beats.

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