Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0 is coming this Fall

Nintendo today announced Animal Crossing: New Horizons will receive a free update on November 5. It’s the last major free content update for the game.

Some new features include

“New Spots, New Encounters”

  • The Roost, Brewster’s cafe, will start serving coffee in the museum. Characters will stop by or players can call them over using amiibos. Other players can also visit the cafe while on your island.
  • Kapp’n will take players to mysterious islands on his boat.
  • Harv’s island will open to players. Players can assist Harv and Harriet in opening up shops by contributing bells.


“See How Nook Inc. Supports Your Island Life”

  • Players will be able to start an island stretching session. Visitors can participate and start a session. Players can use button or motion controls.
  • Players can enact ordinances by speaking with Isabelle.
  • Tom Nook’s construction center will offer new home-exterior options and new 5,000 storage capacity.


“Sweeten You Island Life with Nook Miles”

  • New items will be added in the Nook Miles shop.
    • Recipes
    • Licenses
    • Apps
    • Hairstyles
    • Reactions
    • Furniture


“Other New Features to Island Living”

  • K.K. Slider is dropping 12 new songs.
  • The music box, a new furniture item, can play K.K. Slider songs.
  • Gyroids, dancing and singing decorations, can be dug up around the island.
  • New items at Nook’s Cranny.
  • Wooden ladder step-up kit lets players place permanent ladders.
  • Players can navigate tight spaces.
  • Residents can invite players or visit players’ homes.


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