Android 21, the final base-game character for Dragon Ball FighterZ, is revealed

Four days away from the release date of the highly anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco has released one more trailer highlighting the final character available in the base game: Android 21.

Android 21 is the only character in the starting roster to have their debut appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ as she is one of the highlights of the game’s story. Not much is known about her besides that she is a researcher for the Red Ribbon Army and fearsome fighter.

The interesting thing about Android 21 is that she has the ability to become a Majin as well, which appears to happen after eating a certain sweet. We will know more about this mysterious fighter when Dragon Ball FighterZ is released this Friday, January 26th, 2018. For more information or to pre-order the game, check out the official website.

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