An explosive December surprise, Super Bomberman R Online is now free for all Stadia players

Today, Google and Konami have announced that Super Bomberman R Online, the First on Stadia battle royale exclusive, will be available for free to all Stadia players starting today. This marks the second game that will be available to all Stadia users from the get-go, with the first being Destiny 2 New Light.

While Super Bomberman R Online has enjoyed success with the streaming platform, the game will be able to reach a new audience as Google hypes up its Stadia “console”, with offers such as a free Stadia Premiere Edition being offered for those that pre-purchase Cyberpunk 2077 from the Stadia store. New users can also sign up for a trial of Stadia Pro, which will feature new titles to claim this month.

For those that want the premium pack add-ons, which includes a number of guest characters from Konami titles as well as the ability to create private matches, you can purchase the pack separately starting today. Elisha had a ton of great things to say in his original review, like how the game is “THE reason to get a Stadia account.” Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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