All the world’s a stage with SingSpace, available on VR platforms today

If you don’t think you’re ready for American Idol just yet, Harmonix has got you covered, as the team has announced that SingSpace is available today for the Oculus Go, with cross-play support for the Gear VR. The game features twenty songs alongside an expanding subscription service, and features solo and social modes for all types of singing aficionados.

SingSpace offers players the option of performing solo for a crowd of robot karaoke connoisseurs, singing live with friends and strangers or pursuing international acclaim by submitting in-game footage of their signature performance to be evaluated by the entire SingSpace community. No need for a microphone – SingSpace uses the Oculus Go’s built-in headset mic.

With the SingSpace character creator, players can choose from a variety of hair, skin, accessories and clothing styles to create a custom avatar. Once the avatar is created, it’s time to choose whether to embark upon a single or multi-player karaoke experience.
Singers who aren’t quite ready for an audience or just want an opportunity to warm up before taking the main stage should check out SingSpace’s single player experience. In it, players are transported to a futuristic bar where they can sing their hearts out for a cute robot crowd. It’s the perfect way to get over first show jitters.

For crooners looking for a more social experience, SingSpace offers several ways to connect with others in VR through a shared love of music and performance. Players can join friends in-app for an intimate evening of karaoke, join a virtual room to perform live and make new friends or post their signature performance for the entire SingSpace community to enjoy with Watch & Rate.

In SingSpace, spectating is not a passive activity. As players watch a performance, they can show their approval by showering the performer with a wide array custom emojis – from roses to pizza to illuminati pyramids. Don’t overthink it, just do what feels right.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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