Alan Wake 2 looks to add new game plus… this month?!

As you know from our review, Alan Wake 2 is one of the best games of this year. It’s one I have almost all the trophies for, but because of this year’s backlog has sat in the background waiting for another playthrough. That might have to change soon, because according to the Alan Wake X (formerly known as Twitter) account, it looks like the aforementioned new game plus mode could arrive this month. Check out the tweet/post, and a few of the details for new game plus, below.

New Game+ (known as the ”Final Draft”) should land about a month (TBC) after release:
• Retain all unlocked weapons, Charms and Words of Power upgrades
• New Nightmare difficulty level
• New alternative narrative including six new Manuscript pages and new video content in specific TVs in the Dark Place…
• A few other surprises…

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