Akupara Games publishing Dusklight Games newest creation, a card-based roguelike named Zoeti

Zoeti, a new card-based roguelike, will see a full launch in 2023 rather than the previously planned Early Access launch. The game, which stems from a new partnership between Akupara Games and Dusklight Games, has players use card combinations to activate skills and attacks. You can check out a trailer above and read below for more details:

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 2, 2022 – Akupara Games, alongside Taiwan-based developer Dusklight Games, announces a publishing partnership today for upcoming card-based roguelike, Zoeti. The publisher has announced that the game will no longer be entering Early Access; instead, it will see a full launch for all players in 2023.

In Zoeti, you are equipped with a deck of playing cards, with which you play card combinations (pair, full house, royal flush, etc.) to activate skills that will attack or defend against enemies. Further bolster your arsenal of skills and upgrades through battles and discovery. Additionally, you can find relics of power from character events or receive aid from the locals to unleash unique yet devastating synergistic plays. But, be warned – making wrong choices in your adventure will turn your flawless run into ruin.


A Royal Flush – Every ability is associated with a player-assigned card hand; The more complex, the more impactful.
Create a Powerful Arsenal of Abilities – Upgrade, Purchase, or be Rewarded with new skills for your runs. Discover new synergies to overcome your opposition and progress through the story
Choices Have Consequences – Decide who you will trust or where you’ll explore; a potential bounty awaits! Or not.

Today, Zoeti will be a part of the Hamburg Game Conference, complete with a digital booth to provide more information about the game and its exciting updates.

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