A puzzling new Kickstarter launches today from Mythroll Armory

The fine folks at Mythroll Armory aren’t just content with giving you new ways to fail your saving throws, they hope to give your adventurers something to do other than murder hobo their way through a campaign. Prepare yourselves for a Perplexing Puzzle Experience:

The Mythroll Armory Perplexing Puzzle Experience is a collection of physical puzzles, immersive soundscapes, and enticing narratives for tabletop games.

We’ve combined maps by Inkarnate, custom made puzzles, and custom Syrinscape sound sets to build an expandable puzzle collection designed to challenge your tabletop RPG players’ minds. We’ve designed the puzzles to be system-agnostic so they work with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, and many other TTRPGs.

Included with the 10-page instructional booklet are physical components for each of the five intricate puzzles, as well as a custom Syrinscape soundscape designed especially for this Kickstarter (unlocked at 10K).

The Mythroll Armory Perplexing Puzzle Experience is made for a wide range of skills for both the game master and the player.  The puzzles can be used in Tabletop RPGs individually as single-solution challenges or intricately woven together to form a full campaign.  Each puzzle itself can vary vastly in difficulty according to the skills of your players.

The guidebook clearly explains how to integrate and solve each puzzle.  It even includes instructions on using the decrypter component to create your own riddles.

Further stretch goals include unlocking more campaign setting content, introducing new ways to integrate the puzzles into your adventures.

The Kickstarter runs through September 16th, and pledges start at CA$74 (about $54), depending on how quickly you back it!

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