A new age is upon us, Imperial Steam coming this October, preorders to open next month

Today, Capstone Games announced that Alexander Huemer’s newest boardgame Imperial Steam is coming soon to tabletop stores, with pre-orders opening up on August 1. The game will debut during Essen Spiel this year as well.

The Industrial Age is starting to boom. You are in need of more workers for your factories, and you also need more workers to build railroad tracks to expand your railway network. This, in turn, will enable you to deliver the goods from your factories to cities with high demand. But do not forget to earmark goods for fulfilling profitable public contracts, because when the connection to Trieste is made, your net worth is all that matters.

Imperial Steam is a highly strategic yet accessible economic and logistics game that sees you making difficult decisions as you manage your business’s operations while navigating fierce competition to ensure your victory!

Rulebook will be available when pre-orders open on Sunday, August 1st!

Imperial Steam will be available this October, with a debut at Essen Spiel!

There will be a limited quantity for pre-order on our website. Pre-orders start on Sunday, August 1st, and will end when the pre-order cap for each region is hit:

  • US/CA: 1000 orders
  • Europe: 500 orders
  • Asia: 250 orders
  • Oceania: 250 orders

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