A Hat in Time coming to Nintendo Switch on October 18th, physical edition announced with Seal the Deal DLC

Cute-as-heck 3D collect-a-thon A Hat in Time is finally coming to Nintendo Switch on October 18th and will be released alongside the Seal the Deal DLC’s console debut. In addition, a physical version of the game has been announced that includes a download code for the Seal the Deal DLC in box.

Publisher Humble Bundle and developer Gears for Breakfast are excited to announce the Nintendo Switch version of A Hat in Time. The Switch eShop launch will also bring the optional $4.99 DLC, Seal the Deal, to consoles for the first time. The physical edition of A Hat in Time will include a free code for the Seal the Deal DLC in the box and will be available at all major retailers.

Sitting at an “Overwhelmingly Positive” score of 98% on Steam, A Hat in Time lets you play as a tiny space-traveling girl with a big tophat. Jump, climb, and explore around five massive worlds. Find, collect, and stitch new magical hats. Use badges to upgrade your hats by trading with the locals. Play the game alongside a friend with local co-op.

The Seal the Deal DLC features a new chapter called The Arctic Cruise, a new difficult mode Death Wish, six new Time Rifts, and new outfits, flairs, dyes, and camera filters.

A Hat in Time will be released for Nintendo Switch on October 18th, 2019 digitally for $29.99 (with Seal the Deal DLC alongside for $4.99) and physically for $39.99. Want to know our thoughts on the game? Check out our review here.

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