Clank! Products to be Published by Dire Wolf!

Clank! Publishing Update
Going forward, future Clank! products will be published by Dire Wolf, and digital Clank! content will be available via the free Dire Wolf Game Room app.

“When we first dipped our toes into the board game waters several years ago, we weren’t entirely sure what we were getting into…or just how big a part of our creative lives tabletop would become,” said Scott Martins, President of Dire Wolf. “Our friends at Renegade provided some much-needed guidance and support for our early board game co-publishing efforts, and we’re grateful for everything they did to help bring the game to market. Since then, Clank! has grown as a product line and we’ve grown as a company. We’re very excited about where Clank! is heading in the future, and how it fits into the bigger picture of tabletop publishing from Dire Wolf.”

“Coming from videogames, making Clank! was a whole new kind of challenge,” said Paul Dennen, VP of Design at Dire Wolf, and the creator of both Clank! and Dune: Imperium. “The journey here has been a fun one, and we’ve got some exciting twists and turns ahead for the noisy thieves, and I think fans will really enjoy where we’re heading next.”

Current digital Clank! content will migrate to the free Dire Wolf Game Room app, available from Steam, the App Store and Google Play.

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