1985 Games reveals special edition dice collaboration with Penny Arcade

1985 Games and Penny Arcade has teamed up to release a special edition set of their Sharp Edge VHS Dice. These dice will be available to PAX attendees from March 23rd through the 26th in Boston, MA. You can learn more below:

PORTLAND, OR – March 2023 — 1985 Games, creators of Dungeon Craft, VHS Dice, Dungeon Notes, and more, has crafted a special edition set of their popular Sharp Edge VHS Dice in collaboration with the team at Penny Arcade. The Special Edition Dice will be available to attendees of PAX East from March 23-26 in Boston, Massachusetts.

1985 Games’ line of Sharp Edge VHS Dice was inspired by mind-blowing 80s movie moments. Each artisan dice set is hand-poured, polished, and painted with high-contrast inking for easy legibility against eye-catching cores. They then travel back through time and onto the table safely packed in a classic mini-cassette case, complete with a retro-themed sleeve design. Unique variations make each set a one-of-a-kind treasure, and this collectible aspect is taken to a whole new level with the PAX East Special Edition VHS Dice.

PAX East is just one of the action-packed events put on by Penny Arcade throughout the world. This renowned show circuit brings together a wide variety of gamers, with over 500,000 community members on social media alone. Their Boston-based show will bring together 130,000 players, 750+ exhibitors, and 360 press outlets from the digital and analog genres for four days of non-stop gaming action.

After growing their revenue to $1.54M in 2021, 1985 Games added Sharp Edge VHS Dice to their line-up with support from their 15,000-strong backer community, raising over $100,000 on their initial campaign and quickly growing to make up 15% of their total revenue in 2022. High-impact collaborations with partners like Penny Arcade have helped to fuel their growth around the globe. Today, they are one of the first tabletop game companies to welcome the community as part-owners of the company in their current crowdfunding equity raise on StartEngine.

Join 1985 Games & Penny Arcade this weekend at PAX East to press play on this polyhedral party!

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