1-UP Dice to re-launch on Kickstarter on April 19th, inspired by retro 8-bit classics

1-UP Dice, heavily inspired by nostaglia for the 8-bit video gaming era, will re-launch on Kickstarter on April 19th, 2022. The dice will be multi-colored and come in NES cartridge shaped boxes. You can read more below:

1UP-Dice Re-launches 4/19 on Kickstarter

Just like that secret code, 1UP-Dice is unlocking something radical! Growing up influenced by 8-bit consoles and RPGs, we thought what would be more gnarly than mashing the two worlds together.

1UP-Dice takes that retro feel of our favorite console games and merges it with vibrant, sparkly RPG dice.

What is 1UP-Dice?
This new line of dice has been designed around nine symbols, with the symbol replacing the highest value on each die. With 1UP-Dice, each set of polyhedral dice will have eleven dice total (two d20s, one d12, one d10, one d%, one d8, four d6, and one d4). Each set comes with an amazing, magnetic cartridge box that doubles as a dice rolling tray! It’s coming to the Kickstarter on 4/19 at XXam central time at 1UP-Dice is being produced by Infinite Black.

1UP-Dice Features:

FREE “golden” d20 for Day 1 Backers.
11 polyhedral dice per set.
10 different sets.
9 radical retro symbols.
Cartridge dice trays (plastic, hold 20+ dice, magnetic closure, art inside and out).
Slipcases for multiple sets.
D2 Coins.
Enamel Pins.
Embroidered Patches.

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