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Where we work has changed. A lot of folks now either work entirely from home or at the very least split their time between being in the office and not. The benefits of standing desks are well known, and more often people are choosing to spend their days standing rather than sitting. That said, not everyone has the space for a full sized desk in their work area, or they might need a more mobile workspace. Whether you are using this in a corner of your office, or standing up in your living room like I am right now, the X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable desk might be exactly what you need.

This is what I replaced.

We’ve covered X-Chair products in the past, with a recent look at their X2 K-Sport receiving high marks from Richard in his review. Beyond chairs, the team at X-Chair also makes an excellent back support with massage, cooling, and heat, standing desks, and much more. This height-adjustable desk is an amalgamation of their standing desk technology, premium surfaces, and their conversion kits. From the moment I opened the box, I knew it would replace the wooden mini-desk I’d been using for my laptop for the last five or so years, but would also add a lot of functionality I didn’t know I was missing.

The X-Table’s materials scream quality from top to bottom. The entire device is a lightweight and sturdy aluminum. The legs are a single X with one set of legs being slightly longer for added stability. A central pillar runs upward from this frame, with a triangular configuration of support arms and a gas pneumatic tube extending from there. This connects to the desktop surface which has a cutout near the rear and a control pull actuator on the bottom right side.

Assembly is a breeze. There are a handful of screws and bolts, but the X-Chair team has included tools for that task. The screws hold the control surface in place via pre-drilled holes, and the bolts screw directly into the threaded positions on the underside of the desk. The primary actuation assembly, that is to say the piece that allows it to go up and down smoothly, is pre-assembled and ready to go. Put simply, it couldn’t be easier.

The table portion of the X-Table is rock solid. Measuring a full inch thick, it has a number of features beyond simply being a surface. A small slot at the top is meant to act as an iPad holder, able to accommodate a regular sized device, an iPad Air, or an iPad mini. It has a small opening for a power or connectivity cable. Sadly, that hole is insufficient to pass a power cord for a laptop as the ferrite bead (the big round thing close to the end of the cable) is simply too large. I took a cutting device to the removable tray and opened that hole a bit to accommodate my laptop cable (which, for reasons I will never understand, is bafflingly located on the right side of the device), but you might want to bear that in mind for your own setup – some adjustments might be necessary.

The surface of the desk is downright slick. While that’s fantastic for mousing, it’s not so great for gripping the rubber feet of my laptop. I solved this with an oversized mat – I like these as you can put your own designs on them, but there are plenty of other mat options to fit the 27.6” width and 19” deep surface.

The height-adjustable surface can sit as low as 30” or move up to 43” with ease. The action is incredibly smooth, sliding up to full height without any jerking motions. Pressure on top of the surface while actuating the pull-lever on the bottom of the desk allows it to easily glide back into the lower position, or anywhere in between. I’ve used this with a gaming chair, I’ve used it on my couch, and I’ve used it standing up while watching TV and working. As somebody with severe back pain and hip issues, I frequently need to stand up or sit, and this desk fills that perfectly.

On the back of the box (or more accurately the website) for the X-Table, they advertise that it has “room for all your work extras”. I’m quite certain that I test the limits of that, but I’m happy to report that they have struck the right balance. I’m able to use a 17” laptop and a dual-screen monitor solution, with a small bit of space left for my mouse, and all without feeling like I’d lose something off the edge. How do I know this? Well, I’m a klutz.

On the front casters are two locks to help hold the X-Table in place when you don’t want it to travel. These work well, especially on hard surfaces. On more than one occasion I accidentally kicked the legs on the X-Table, not paying attention or in too much of a hurry. Thankfully, the table is very sturdy, which directly translates to all of my devices and peripherals staying safely on top of the surface, albeit with the rubberized mat on top.

The price of the X-Table is $329, and you can get it with a black, white, or wood grain top. It comes with a 1 year warranty against materials and workmanship. I do wish it had the same 10 year warranty that their other standing desks carry, but I also understand that it’s a completely different animal entirely. The only real moving piece I could see eventually wearing out is the gas cylinder and it’s not a standard one – you’ll need X-Chair to help you with that replacement part, should that come to pass.

Ultimately as my work / life balance shifts towards working from home more consistently, I find new ways to create flexibility in that work. The X-Table does that and more, allowing me to work whenever and wherever I need. The portability of the device while collapsed even allows me to put it in my car’s trunk, letting me take it with me for times when I do work on site. In short, I have a sit/stand desk wherever I go now – a perfect companion accessory for a more flexible workforce.

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X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk

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While there are a handful of improvements I would make, the X-Table is a must-have for anyone in need of a sit/stand desk that can be mobile at a moment’s notice.

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