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I was introduced to VR-Rocks prescription lenses for my Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR headset. It changed VR for me. It’s not like there aren’t options for people with glasses to play VR, and many headsets are comfortable enough to use, but it’s always an extra thing on your head. At some point you “want to break free,” to quote Queen and Freddie Mercury. VR-Rock gave that to me, and they’ve done it again for the PSVR2.

Ordering the lenses is as easy as going to their website (Right here with 10% off using code GAMINGTREND). While it isn’t the prettiest to look at, it gets the job done. If the website gives you any doubts about the product, I’m happy to confirm that VR-Rock’s pictures and videos informing you on how to use them on the PSVR2 page are accurate. Getting yourself ready to go is a cinch: simply input your most recent prescription into the information blanks and decide if you want any additional amenities like blue light blocker or anti-glare. I feel like those are worth it, but it is a decent amount of extra coin. Also, the stronger of a prescription you need, the more it will cost, with the most extreme cases nearly doubling the initial pricing.

Once you get them, they’re super easy to install. In the box, I found a small case to carry them in, along with the lenses which were inside some protective plastic. There was also a blue light blocker light to test them, showing that VR-Rock stands behind this extra feature if you pay for it.

This is where my review gets tough, because I don’t have much to say about getting the lenses to work. You push them onto the PSVR2 display. That’s it. The only other addendum to this is that there are handy markings on a small piece of plastic letting you know what position they need to face to install them, along with which one is left or right. They’re simple with a nice grip to keep from falling off, and that’s why I love these lenses. It’s easy to take them off when others want to use the PSVR2 as well, with just sliding them off

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens -PSVR2 Review - VR Rock

As soon as I put them on, I noticed a similar issue to what we mentioned in our review for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. They can touch your nose depending on the location of the headset on your head, which can cause some discomfort. I shifted the PSVR2 headset and was fine, as well as realized the lens adjustment dial can help you here. With it, you can change the position of the PSVR2’s lenses to better track your eyes, which in turn will usually bring them away from your nose. It’s a great feature that not only helps you see the virtual world, but keeps the real world from interfering (like the lenses being a pain… literally).

I cannot say enough about how much the VR-Rock lenses are worth every penny. The PSVR2 definitely works if you have glasses, but as I said before, it’s just another thing on your head. Your glasses will often get pushed against your face or the arms pinch at the side of your head. This just isn’t comfortable, and every time I’ve taken the PSVR2 off, my glasses have come with it, dropping to the floor. The VR-Rock lenses allow me to take my glasses off completely, and eliminate any of the aforementioned problems and pains. They leave me to enjoy VR just like someone who doesn’t have glasses does.

Not only that, the prescription given was followed perfectly. I might as well be looking through glasses, because every detail under the helmet has been crisp and clear. It’s a great thing given the fidelity that the PSVR2 offers, because VR means your eyes being the focal point of the device. If you need a prescription, not having that in front of you can cause your eyesight to suffer, as well as be the root of headaches (I’ve had those before using the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 without my glasses/before VR-Rock). These lenses cancel all of that out. I’ve also not had a single issue with any of the eye tracking, a big deal when it’s an awesome feature available for several games.

The VR-Rock Prescription VR Lenses are available now, and with plenty of options for plenty of different VR devices, including of course PSVR2. You can buy them via their website here, with a 10% discount from our code GAMINGTREND.

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VR-Rock Prescription PSVR2 lenses

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It doesn’t get any better for glasses-wearers who enjoy VR than VR-Rock. Their prescription lenses are awesome, and it’s great to see them working perfectly for the PSVR2. If you have a PSVR2 or plan to get it soon, go ahead and save yourself some time and grab your lenses now.

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