The Witcher Official Cookbook review — A culinary adventure

Take your mouth on a fantastical adventure with the tantalizing delights of The Witcher Universe. With 80 restorative recipes inspired by the video game franchise, you will be able to cook up hearty meals and fortifying drinks with what The Witcher Official Cookbook offers. These recipes will bring the enchanting world of The Witcher right to your table and dress your kitchen in lavish tavern fare banquets. 

Now, I am not usually one to cook, but I am a fan of The Witcher franchise, specifically the third one, and came upon this book in awe, engaged in the meticulous detail that each recipe presented. With the holidays on the horizon, it is the perfect time to dabble in some cooking, so why not with a franchise that is so dear to me?

Cracking the book open, you could say my eyes were way bigger than my stomach. The Table of Contents sparked my interest even more because recipes were split up by noticeable locations on The Witcher map. Ever wanted a meal from Novigrad? Well, turn to page 124 to learn about Hattori’s Redanian Red Lentil Dumplings! The recipes were laid on the page with beautifully illustrated visuals that enthralled not only my eyes, but also my stomach. These images took me across the colorful continent of The Witcher universe. 

With The Witcher Official Cookbook in hand, your pantry will become full of exotic recipes, ready to be gobbled right up for a full stomach. You will be unlocking your kitchen’s deepest secrets to conjure up savory meals for your table. From White Orchard to Kaer Morhen, you will find yourself recreating iconic dishes such as the Dun Tynn Leek and Bacon Soup that you will find within Dun Tynne Castle, haunted by the ghost, “The Lady in White”, to the Doughnuts with Plum Jam and Bacon Sprinkles (this is a dish I am totally making) that lies within a family ran shop in Novigrad.

Weaving in lore accompanied by visually stunning pictures, I was definitely transported into each town, within each tavern or shop on the map. I cannot tell you how many times I was taken aback by some of the amazing photos that threw me into the essence of the story of The Witcher.

Whether you are a novice cook, curious about the world and delights of The Witcher, or a seasoned fan of the franchise, this cookbook is for you. I can tell you, I am no cook and now I can become one with all of these fancy recipes. They will probably not look as aesthetically pleasing as the photos in the book, but with carefully clearly laid out instructions for each recipe, I know they will at least taste like I am in the world of The Witcher. I have not tried my hand at one of the exquisite recipes, but I aim to during the holidays because a lot of these meals look too tasty to pass up. 

As a fan of The Witcher, I know other fans would appreciate the work put into every word. The cookbook features a foreword from none other than Andrzej Sapkowksi, the visionary author and creator of The Witcher. When reading, I knew this cookbook meant serious business. His words set the stage for a culinary journey, inviting fans and even non-fans alike to savor the essence of his amazing creation, pulling the world of The Witcher beyond the screens and books, right onto the table. 

Each recipe is presented, again, with an immersive photograph allowing you to peer into the robust culinary escapade, engaging storytelling that provides glimpses of the rustic world, an easy-to-read recipe, and the number of servings it will offer. It is, to my surprise, a delightful read that is sectioned off into the many areas of the map. There are breakfast meals fit for a Witcher’s morning patrol, soups that warm the heart, dinners that fortify the soul, pastries, and desserts that promise the indulgence of a bard’s ballad. Each thumbing of the page made me want to run to the kitchen, fill the room with aromatic smells, and decorate each plate as the soundtrack of The Witcher rang in the background.

It is time for me to gather my exotic ingredients, don my apron as armor, and bring these recipes to life. I sincerely recommend The Witcher Official Cookbook to anyone who is a fan of the franchise whether it be the book, video games, or the television series. I also recommend this wonderful cookbook to those who love tavern fare meals that will have you dancing on the table, linked in arms as the bard plays a melodic tune because that is where these savoring meals will take you.

Dominique' McClain is an enthusiastic content writer and enjoys all things video games. She's highly obsessed with Lord of the Rings and loves dragons. You can chat with her on Twitter @Dommy_Bomb.



The Witcher Official Cookbook

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The Witcher Official Cookbook will give you the recipes that will decorate your table with lavish and hearty meals. Each recipe is from the franchise and sectioned off in the book by each place on the map. Every visual is aesthetically pleasing and captures the very essence of The Witcher Franchise. With mouthwatering ingredients, this book is a great gift for fans and also those who love the blend of storytelling and culinary arts.

Dominique' McClain

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