The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit —- A fun addition for your Sims wardrobe

I am a sucker for bright neon colors and sparkly stuff, and The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit is LOADED with fun stuff. The Sims team reached out to iconic Brazilian superstar, entertainer-activist Pabllo Vittar to bring us a taste of Carnaval, and boy did they deliver! You can dress your Sims up in some vibrant and flashy Create-A-Sims outfits, and add in some spicy accessories along with it!

Check out this sexy dress with J-Lo vibes! It comes in a bunch of different colors.

My single and lovin’ it Sim Ariella has been in need of a makeover for a while now, so I took her to the creator to try on some of these electric pieces. Cutouts, multi-colored fruit patterns, shimmery sequin dresses, and some fun, bold makeup abound. While most of the outfits won’t be for your Sims everyday looks, they are loads of fun for going out on the town or for a date.

It might seem like a silly thing to focus on, but because I don’t use any CC with my games, I really, like…really loved the nails with this Kit. Yes, I know we already had nails with Spa Day, but these nails are just so stinkin’ sexy.

The bold, bright eyeshadow is a fun choice for a night on the town!

I absolutely loved the gem studded tank top paired with the cute little short shorts. The fire red sequined dress is sure to make heads turn. Pair it with the trendy stiletto nails, and one of the bold new eye looks and your Sim will be strutting with loads of confidence! If you want to channel your inner goth, there is a cool mesh pattern shirt with a bikini top. Another one of my favorites was the bodysuit that has a breezy coverup and short shorts.

Cute and versatile, you could wear this to the beach or a lunch date!

While some of the Kits that came out last year may have been a miss for me, I do greatly appreciate the content being pumped in the game for a low price. It’s also fun to see real life people doing collabs with The Sims. Though I can’t say I loved all of the collabs or content, it is nice to see the game branching out and adding different material to the game.

How sexy is the back of this short, sequined dress?! HOT!

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear is available now for just $4.99

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The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear

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The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit is just fun, plain and simple. It might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed the pieces. There are so many items you can use to change up the look of your Sims; nails, accessories, clothing, makeup, even some cool shades. Now for my suggestion to the Sims team, give us an actual Carnaval destination! Let us dress up and travel to Brazil and have a blast.

Holly Hudspeth

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