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As technology has evolved we have become more and more attached to our devices. Whether it be gaming, working on the computer, or staring at our phones/devices, we are constantly looking at screens. One of the downsides to this is the exposure to blue light which has many consequences for our eyes. There have been many “gamer glasses” that help filter out the blue light, but SportRx has come out with a protective coating that blocks that bad light, and you can get it now in prescription or non-prescription glasses with a ton of frames to choose from.

So what is blue light and why should we care? Blue light is a natural light and is part of the visible light spectrum and is completely normal even being produced by the sun. However blue light can also be harmful , with consequences such as headaches, eye fatigue, dry eyes, insomnia and even penetration into the retina, causing irreversible eye damage. We are still learning about all the effects of blue light, but the harmful light is produced by almost all screens, artificial lighting, and the sun. This means that in our technological age we are being constantly bombarded by this light and we should take some form of protection against it.

There are many blue light blocking glasses on the market that range from cheap to expensive, but thanks to SportRx we can now use any frame and even have prescription lenses and still be protected. This was a massive pro for me; I have been wanting to try these glasses since they came out, but being as blind as I am, I could never game without my normal glasses. Now I can enjoy the benefits of blocking the blue light all the time since these have become my daily eyeglasses that I always wear unless I am asleep.

SportRX are a satisfying upgrade from standard glasses, without obvious drawbacks. Wearing them all the time, my glasses have a tendency to get dirty or scratched but these lenses show no sign of wear or tear after two and a half weeks. Adding the BLUEdefense also does not change the look or feel of the lenses in any way. At first I thought they would have a tint or be a little thicker, but because they are a coating that goes on the lense they really just look and feel like any normal lense. They also came wrapped up very securely when they were delivered to my house, and everything was in perfect condition. The quality and care is obvious from using them, however a question remains: how well does the Bluedefense work and does it really help?

I will admit I was skeptical after a few days of using my glasses. I did not notice any change in the problems I have with eye fatigue, headaches, or my insomnia. I was about to give up on them until about a week of using them. After my first long session of Diablo 3, about 9 hours, I was surprised that my eyes did not hurt, they were not dry or watery, and I hadn’t developed a headache which I always do after just a couple hours of playtime. I was surprised, but it could also have just been a coincidence. After more and more gaming sessions I noticed my eyes hurt less. I got much fewer headaches, and overall I just felt more comfortable playing longer sessions. My biggest compliment to these glasses however has been how well they have been for going to sleep faster. Blue light is what helps tells are body it is day and to stay awake, so playing games or being on your phone at night before bed can confuse your brain and make it harder to fall asleep. After a week of using these glasses exclusively I found it was much easier to go to sleep after a gaming session or being on my phone. I have to say I am a true believer in blue light blocking glasses now, and highly recommend them to anyone whether you normally wear glasses or not, at least for the time you are using screens.

SportRx have made a brilliant plan to make their coated lenses available in almost any frame and prescription or non-prescription. It makes anybody have the ability to block this light and find glasses that feel and look good on them. They were also very quick to answer any questions I had and ordering was as simple as picking the frame and options I wanted and sending them my prescription. The glasses came in about 10 business days and as previously mentioned were packaged very well. I had picked the Spy Warren frames as those were available in a bigger width and had the same design that I was used to already. Although it was a little nerve wracking ordering frames without trying them first, they are now my favorite looking glasses I have ever owned. SportRx also allows you to pay for the frame itself to try on in your home and send them back for a full refund to either try another pair or get lenses in the ones you tried. Overall SportRx is a great online eyeglass store and I personally had no problems with them. If you would like to check out the frames and lenses click here.



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Harmful blue light is something we should protect our eyes against as much as possible, given how much time we take looking at screens. SportRx has come up with a great lense coating that can go on almost any lense and protect us during our screentime. They work great, have tons of frame options, and can really help with eye problems caused by blue light. I highly recommend getting a pair whether you use prescription glasses or not.

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