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For the average gamer, one of the most important things is being comfortable while you play. Given that you’ll most likely be sitting or lying down for a few hours or more, you want to be able to relax your body. Sumo Lounge aims to please with another of their bean bag creations, the Sumo Switch.

Right away, I braced myself so I could bring the large box inside. Surprisingly, the box wasn’t as heavy as expected, although it did take a bit of strength to carry it. The box itself was kind of dirty, but thankfully the chair itself was contained within its own bag inside the box. Once you get some scissors to cut the zip tie, you pull the chair out and you’re good to go.

You can tell how thick and cushioned the Sumo Switch is as soon as you set it up. This is where it gets fun, as you have two options of how you want to use the Switch: It can be used as a chair or it can be used as a lounger. This is possible because the bottom cushion of the Switch folds out to take the shape of a lounger. It only takes a second and it’s ready for use.

Starting off as a typical chair, the Switch blends comfort and stability perfectly. Unlike some other bean bag chairs, you don’t sink into it a ton. It finds a way to let you sink in just enough to get comfortable and feel settled in, but not so much as you feel like you’re in quicksand. At the same time, the Switch is very sturdy and easily supports me as I’m gaming for hours. Whether you’re leaning forward in an intense gaming session or leaning back for something more casual, you can’t go wrong with this chair.

Now moving on to what makes the Sumo Switch “Sumo Lounge’s switchblade of a chair,” as they put it on their website. I must say that this description fits wonderfully, especially considering how you swap between chair and lounger. It does feel like you’re opening or closing a giant squishy switchblade. Once the Switch is extended into its other form, it will take up more space, so keep that in mind. The Switch is about 2′ wide and 2’8″ long, but extends to 5’4″ long in its lounger form. This is where it proves it is much more than a typical bean bag chair. I’m 5’7 and I can lounge without having my feet dangle off the edge. In fact, they reach the end of the bottom cushion and it feels like it’s perfectly matched up with my height. Once again, the Switch allows you to sink in without becoming a part of the chair. The spot where the cushions connect and allow the Switch to change forms has a use in the lounger form as well. That small gap creates a perfect spot where your butt lowers in a bit more than the rest of your body and that made it much easier to relax.

The Sumo Switch comes in four colors: Fiery Red, Funky Brown, Pitch Black, and Khaki. I opted for the Fiery Red because it popped more and I liked that it stands out more. The fabric of the Switch is soft, smooth, and feels nice to the touch. It makes it that much easier to want to lay it out and take a nap(which I did by the way). On that note, the Sumo Switch is great for naps, binge watching shows, or even just procrastinating. Honestly, I’m lying in it right now as I write this review. The only downside is that the price is on the higher side, leaning towards $299. With that said, I can tell how much care they put into their products after spending plenty of time on the Sumo Switch.



Sumo Switch

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The Sumo Switch is an awesome twist on the typical style of bean bag chairs. Being able to swap from chair to lounger is great and shows its versatility. Comfort and stability ensure long bouts of relaxation without needing to readjust yourself constantly. A high priced item, but the quality of the chair speaks for itself.

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