Splashy Cats: Cat’s Worst Nightmare

Going white water rafting is fun, but not if you are a cat! Splashy Cats is just that a white water adventure with a screaming cat on a log. You have to avoid obstacles and to fall off waterfalls by tapping the screen. However, if your timing is off, the cat dies and has the screaming meow to extend the experience. With the vibrant colors and birds chirping in the background it is easy to see the fun in the game, but the complicated timing and the thought of animal cruelty make the game a little less appealing. Achieving new cats, like The Joker, Terminator, and Ninja Cat makes it an exciting ride because unlocking more cats, means that you open more rivers to try. With over 30 unlockable cats, your adventure can last nine lives or more.

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The controls are very easy, tap the screen when you want the cat to turn. How much simpler can you get? However, the problem is that if you accidentally tap too many times you end up smashed into the edge of the bank or careening down a waterfall. You also have to watch out for frogs that hop off the bank, and if your timing is off then, you smash the frog and fall off the log.

Splashy Cats (Artik Games)

The world designed in a Minecraft style, where it is very blocky. All though the game brings more vibrant colors than the Minecraft’s dark color scheme; you half expect to see a Creeper in the background. You also have rivers that go on until the end of the earth and waterfalls that drain right off the edge of the map. Even the underground looks like it goes on forever, elevating the river in an unrealistic way.


This game is just as addictive as it is frustrating, you get to a certain point after tapping the screen for numerous times, you misjudge the timing, and have to start over. The crazy thing is that you want to try again until you get to the end. However, even messing up has advantages because every couple of minutes you get a gift and the option to unlock new cats by using your saved up paws.



Splashy Cats

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The game is fun and addictive if you can get past the graphics and animal cruelty aspects. If you don’t mind tapping your phone aggressively, then Splashy Cats can bring that joy and crazy cat lady fun to life.

Jessica Miller

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